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I BECAME A NURSE… (and a curse)

Written by by nikko0420


I became a nurse,

Not for arrogant people to curse,

It’s not the penny in our purse,

But because we love our job, even at its worse.

I became a nurse because I love my profession,

It’s something I never did in a confession,

It may not be obvious in my expression,

But believe me, I’m not into impression.


I became a nurse and aimed for a greener pasture,

But what did I get with my graduation picture?

Seeking for an experience turned into expenditure,

Dreams sourly crooked into moisture.


I became a nurse and ended as a volunteer,

Might as well be People Support’s mighty musketeer,

Can’t the government hear our sentiments oh dear,

Or maybe they just need to fix their ear.


I became a nurse, not to be a recipient of a yell.

Our ears are not meant to be a bell,

Nor our teardrops from our eyes to fell,

All we want is to be treated very well.


I became a nurse and sacrificed everything,

Saving a person’s life is something,

I wouldn’t exchange with anything,

Even if in return, I get nothing.


When darkness fill in your life story,

It’s not too late to regret or to feel sorry,

You don’t need to carry heavy loads in your lorry,

‘Coz God is there, so fellow nurse, don’t worry! 🙂

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