A country filled with great wealth turns into a starving nation and families buried in poverty.

A country with all the products and raw materials hopelessly faced the future with doubt.

A country with all the intelligent and well-known sluggishly slept and was forgotten.

How could a place filled with enthusiasm and vigor transform into an idle one where people suffer and die? Is it because of greed? A plentiful mixture of selfishness or envy? Well, it is a piece of everything. It is dismaying to think that we are being outrun by our imprudence. Instead of treating everyone as brothers and sisters, we use our little hands to cover our eyes and we become blind of what is right. We use our fingers to cover our ears for us not to listen with other people’s opinions, while our mouth is widely open and obliviously speaking unnecessary words which hurt others. Instead of opening our hearts, we are enclosing it with hatred. We even try to destroy others. It is because people are insatiable with happiness. But the world wasn’t created for the powerful to enjoy alone. We are living in a democratic country, with equal rights, equal responsibilities and equal freedom.

Life is transitory; nothing in this world is permanent. The things we have today may be gone tomorrow. We may have everything yesterday, but on the next day we may have nothing. On the other hand, we may be on our greatest frustration at present but in the future we may taste our sweetest victory. Everything may change in just a blink of an eye, and with this we may conclude that it will never be too late to rectify all the wrong things from the past. The change we’ll be undergoing lies on the hands of the next generation which are the YOUTH of today.
Being a part of a myriad youth of today, we can put into reality the quote “The youth are the hope of our country”, a quote from our National Hero Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal who died with his altruism and valor. It may already sound cliché because it has been an expression to everyone but usually its essence is just disregarded and doesn’t even look on to its real meaning.

It’s not an easy responsibility to belong to the group of the youth especially that at present, we are subjected to criticisms. We may not question people’s eyes with their judgments but I came to think, the youth are not always infamous. With others, youth may be considered as a burden because many are still puerile, but if we go deep into it, the youth are the captains of our country. They will be the navigators that will help sail and lead us to our country’s destination and probably are the catalysts of change.

The youth are the upcoming leaders of our nation and so we are trained to become the leaders at a young age. A part of it is the SK Elections where the youth are given the chance to choose from the candidates of who ever deserves the position. We have the freedom not to be dictated but to follow what our minds and hearts are shouting for. With every vote, we are doing our part as the hope of our country, to choose the leaders who will be the models and definitely who will stand as the examples to be a promising one. If we missed our part on the SK Elections, we also did missed half of our right. It is said that it is already the starting point of the change we will be going through.

But before we become the leaders, we should first be the leaders of ourselves because others have nothing to do with it and the control is not theirs but ours. And the change will definitely begin within us before we’ll have the chance to bring change to the society.

Standout, never let ourselves be on the last. We should come out from our shells and show up to everyone that we are a person with enough skills like someone else. Our country is known for its talented and intelligent children and who knows we can be one of them. Discipline, that should permanently be carved on our minds in everything we do, little or huge. And confidence but not complacency because if wanted to have what we’ve never had before, we’ve got to do what we’ve never done before.

I myself as a part of this nation could contribute to make a change in my own simple way. To lead and not to punish, to help and not to criticize, to share and not to be greedy, to support and not to degrade, to be optimistic and not to be hopeless.

To feed our nation with love and care, to positively face every turbulent situation, to bring vigor to the society and to remember how our heroes fought for our country is like lighting a candle in the midst of darkness which gives hope and faith.

We usually hear the excuses “Sorry, I’m just a person. I can’t bring change”, “I can’t change the world alone”, “We can never help change this country”, instead of throwing this excuses to others, why don’t we take part of the work than pointing our fingers to others while the rest are pointing back on us.

We should get rid of the hatred from one another and have unity without abiding divisions. Let us join hand in hand that we may be called a nation. If we failed before, then we should use it as our guiding light on our way to success. And if we achieve success, it isn’t about what we have but what we can make out of what we have.

We say farewell from the past and face the new world with an overwhelming welcome until one day, this nation will reach its zenith and fulfill people’s needs. Let’s work together as one. Judging not with the complexion but with one’s attitude, not with the perfectness of the face but with what’s on our hearts, not with one’s physical appearance but with what resides inside. That tomorrow, black people are friends with white people. That poor are equal with rich and that destitute people can soar as high as the elite one.

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