10 Best Sinus Headache Treatment Remedies

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All those who suffer from sinusitis know that the best sinus headache treatment involves having the mucus drained. Once the sinus drains, pain and headache, should all be gone. But it’s not all that easy as it sounds. Sinus headache occurs as a result of inflammation and swelling of sinus cavities. It’s a debilitating pain at specific points such as behind or around the eyes, sides of the nose, upper eyebrows and gets worse on leaning over, bending or moving the head suddenly.

Sinusitis usually triggers from a viral or a common cold. The headache is worse in the morning due to mucus accumulating all night and gets better in the afternoons. Traditional medical sinus headache treatment involves antibiotics to heal the inflammation. However, in some cases the patient may be asked to undergo a surgery due to issue with the structure of the nasal cavity, a polyp in the nose or some other extreme case.

Natural remedies have been found to be highly effective for sinus headache treatment. They help in treating the symptoms of the pain without posing threat of any side effects that other antibiotics and medicines carry. Below are a few easy and effective remedies for sinus headache treatment.

1. Apply cold compress to the forehead to relieve the pain.

2. Try to relax and sleep. Plenty of rest greatly helps in treating headaches.

3. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water, broth, soups, fresh orange juice at room temperature and lemon green tea.

4. Another very effective but jarring remedy is having a jalapeno pepper. Try having some jalape?o pepper to drain sinus and eventually reduce the pain.

5. Peppermint vapors inhalation also proves effective in the same manner.

6. Eucalyptus has been known to reduce sinus headache by reducing inflammation in sinus cavities. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil in steaming water and inhale the vapors. It greatly helps to loosen congestion and relieve headache.

7. Apply frozen aromatherapy eye pillow with peppermint or eucalyptus scents. This greatly soothes the pain and congestion. The flax seed inside the pillow applies enough acupressure to ease the pain.

8. Rather than going for over-the-counter nasal sprays or decongestants, make your own saline wash at home. It helps in clearing mucus, reducing pressure and keeping the nasal passageway moist. A neti pot is very commonly used to rinse sinuses.

9. Avoid irritants such as smoke, perfumes, animal dander and certain cleaning chemicals which irritate the nasal passageway and worsen the condition.

10. Dry air contributes to irritation and headache. Place a humidifier or a dehumidifier to keep the right moisture level in the room.

If these sinus headache treatment remedies don’t provide any relief and symptoms get worse such as swelling and redness around the eyes, fever, stiff neck, seek medical help right away.

Stephanie is a sinusitis expert and co-creator of the popular new sinusitis info based web-site: Natural Sinus Relief.

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