10 Simple Tips for a Healthier and Happier You    

Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1yyPh1T
Photo credit: http://bit.ly/1yyPh1T

It’s the first month of the year—you’re determined to have a fresh start, and you’re not alone! We all want to experience a prosperous year ahead along with our families but we all have that question, “Where to begin?”  Starting the year right doesn’t require you to do extreme measures, because achieving a healthier you is a journey, taken one step at a time.

Although you can start anytime and at your own convenience, the best time to start is NOW. Change may not be easy but if start changing your habits slowly for your own good; you can definitely see the results sooner or later.

Here’s my 10 for 2015. Let me share to you these simple tips for a healthier and happier you:

  1. Consider getting an overall check-up at least once a year. Get your hormone levels checked.  Many people nowadays get sick because of an imbalance in their hormones. Getting a yearly check-up can help you get an overview of your health status and can prevent future disease/illness.  If you’re planning to participate in a fitness program, go check with your doctor first to see if you have any medical condition that prohibits your from any specific exercise.
  2. EAT WELL. EAT SMART. EAT HEALTHY. I don’t mean that you should eliminate all at once junk food and other unhealthy food choices in your diet, the key is MODERATION.  Dieting can be good, but know that too much dieting is not. Eating too much of one thing or not enough of another is never good for the body because it can cause a variety of health problems.
  3. Remember GO, GROW and GLOW? Start eating more fruits and more vegetables. Have a variety of food in your plate every time you eat. The key to dieting is not to starve yourself, but having the right amount/portions of what you eat everyday. And also, you don’t have to starve yourself by eating one or two meals a day for your diet regimen, because you can still lose weight even if you eat your regular three meals a day. The key word again, moderation.
  4. WATER. WATER. WATER. Water is vital to our everyday being. Not getting enough water can lead to fatigue, headaches, easy irritability, muscle cramps and dehydration that’s why it’s important to drink eight to ten glasses of water a day. You can also incorporate fruits and vegetables in your drinks for a healthier dose like: mango, apple, coconut etc.
  5. EXERCISE. Slow and steady is the key. Don’t push yourself too hard when you start an exercise routine. When you push yourself too hard even in the start, you put your body under more stress—that’s why you should start at a comfortable pace and level and slowly work your way up. That way, your body can adjust to your exercise routine.  Exercise also doesn’t necessarily mean intense workouts, but rather, regular daily walks, jogging, swimming, stretching, bicycling etc.
  6. SLEEP. Get enough sleep. Sleeping helps you replenish your lost energy, making it easier for you to cope with stress, helps you concentrate and think positively.
  7. PAMPER YOURSELF. Pamper yourself every once in a while. Treat yourself to a massage, to a vacation, to a movie—anything that takes your mind away from your everyday stresses.
  8. CONNECT WITH OTHERS. Your overall health does not solely depend on physical aspects, but mental and emotional aspects as well. It is important to reach out to people in our lives every once in a while. There’s a saying, “No man is an island.” If you have something that’s been bothering you lately, why not talk it over with your sister/brother/best friend? Sometimes, just finding someone to talk to and share our thoughts with is so important because it makes you see things from a different perspective and lets you know that you are not alone in life’s every day struggles.
  9. Take a good multivitamin. Although we may be eating the right kind and amount of food everyday, we’re still not getting the required vitamins and minerals that our body needs that’s why multivitamins might help.
  10. Start getting interested about health. The things that you do today, the food that you eat today and the drinks that you drink today will determine your tomorrow’s health. It’s never too late to start now!

Change does not happen overnight, but the easiest changes happen when you work for it one step at a time.  If you live healthy and happy today, I’m very sure that there will be less doctor trips and visits in the future and you’ll have more time to enjoy life with those we love. Wishing you all a healthier and happier 2015!

Cheers! 🙂

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  • Great tips Nurze Z! I most likely agree with getting enough sleep. Personally when I’m sleep deprived I get irritated easily which leads to a bad day. Thanks! 🙂