12 S to Oust Stress!

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(Photo Credit:  smallbiztrends)
(Photo Credit: smallbiztrends)

Like change, stress is something that one must adapt to from time to time–one of the things that is inevitable but somehow helps us grow.

Stress had always been part of our everyday lives that even sometimes, when everything seems to be working out just fine and it’s all too good to be true, we find ourselves somewhat anticipating something to go wrong (not that we’d want something bad to happen) but more like, stress somewhat balances our life. Not in a good GOOD way, but in the sense that it makes us to stop for a moment, and refocus and help us improve ourselves.

Stress can be good, but not necessarily healthy–because too much stress can trigger problems in the body that lowers down the defenses and make people more prone to illness. Thankfully, the body has been designed by God so good that once it undergoes stress, hormones get triggered and the body works double time to help cope with perceived threats. Along with that, each and everyone of us has his/her own way of managing stress in order to battle the negative effects of too much stress.

The effects of stress in the body varies from person to person, depending on how the individual handles the situation. Good thing for us, there are a lot of stress management techniques available for us to do and utilize. But first, one must know and learn when to recognize when stress is on the way and be able to utilize the most appropriate stress management technique.

During our Community Health Nursing, we have been taught of the 12 S to combat stress and these techniques have been proven effective not only in the community but also in other fields of nursing as well, and in our everyday lives.

  1. SPIRITUALITY – Though there is no single agreed definition for spirituality,  it has been broadly defined to be the search for the sacred, and the quality or state of being spiritual. It is said that spirituality is discovered in moments in which the individual questions the meaning of personal existence and attempts to place the self within a broader ontological context. One way of discovering the meaning of existence and reaching out to the world beyond the senses is through meditation. Meditation provides an effective way of relaxing and refocusing on your perspective on things.
  2. SELF-AWARENESS- You have to know yourself well enough so as to increase your sensitivity and balance of the relationships you have with the people around you. Yes, you know yourself already, but in self-awareness, you get a clearer view of yourself, thereby helping you to be aware of areas within yourself that still needs improvement and developing a more productive you.
  3. SCHEDULING: TIME MANAGEMENT- Time is a luxury no one could afford, so you should not put off things that can be done now, or you’ll only regret later. When used wisely, you can accomplish great things and achieve satisfying results.
  4. SIESTA- Siesta means taking a break from your daily activity to recharge. Think of it as a sort of ‘power nap’ which lets your mind relax for a few minutes. This has been proven to boost your energy and increase productivity.
  5. STRETCHING- Helps loosen your muscles before the start of any activity while increasing your body’s oxygen supply. What’s more? It is totally free and can be done anytime, anywhere!
  6. SENSATION TECHNIQUES- Techniques involving the sense of touch like having a massage. It is a great way for releasing tension in your muscles while making you feel relaxed all over, giving you a feel of renewed energy.
  7. SPORTS- Sports not only relieves stress but it is also a form of exercise. Our body needs exercise not only to tone our muscles, but also to help in blood circulation.
  8. SOCIALS- No man is an island.We need each other in order to survive. Socialization is very important in our daily lives for us to reach out to other people and enhance our relationship with them. Socializing gives more meaning to life because we get to share lifde experiences and lessons with other people.
  9. SOUNDS AND SONGS- We hear music everyday- from the radio, television, music players, and even people we meet along the streets or any other place, singing their hearts out. Music is a way to express our innermost feelings and emotions. When we express ourselves through producing sounds, we somehow release the tension by the rhythmic movement we make.
  10. SPEAK TO ME- Communication with others is a great stress reliever. When we talk to someone, our burdens somewhat lessen and that a great deal of the pain we feel vanishes when we have someone beside us. Sometimes, even the simple act of listening and making the person feel your presence and that you’re there for them is enough of a reminder to motivate them to overcome the stress they are experiencing.
  11. STRESS DEBRIEFING- When something bad happens suddenly, people become face to face with a critical incident. When this happens, it is important that people who are experienced with skills on stress debriefing assist those who have been affected so that they’ll be able to deal positively with what happened, and be able to cope more effectively.
  12. SMILE– Probably the fastest way of relieving stress, at least for the time being. Smiling not only relieves stress but it also motivates people to do better. It encourages people to improve themselves and achieve their best potentials.

What about you? What are your ways of relieving stress? 🙂

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