2 things I learned from today’s experience.

“I  believe that being a nurse is an extraordinary mission. It’s not just a job but more of a calling. Having a hand that heals..  hands that protects.”

Today I experienced an event that made me realized that life here in Kingdom was far more different from what i really wanted to do in life.

1st event:

One foreign patient noted to have bruises on left arm and complaining of pain on left shoulder. Nurse-patient interaction done. Patient shared that her employer used to beat her. She was admitted with other diagnosis. Different from what we physically observed on her. Later that day, a man came claiming that he is the employer and  wanted to bring the patient home. Willing to sign for discharge against medical advice. We didnt a[starrating template_id=4 select=”]llow to release the patient because based on our interview, we believe that the pt’s life will be endanger if we will let him get her. The man continued on insisting to enter the room which was not allowed since it was admitted in a Female ward. Security was informed but to our surprise, the security himself guarded this man and went together heading the pt’s room. The patient even pretended to be sleeping. Closed her eyes and not moving. Obviously, she really doesnt like to go with them. After that instance, we went to pt’s room and that’s the time tears poured continuously. As a protocol, we contacted the supervisor, doctors and social worker to help us with this problem. The social worker whom we believe will help us but turned out favoring the other side. Clearly verbalized “if they wanted to kill her, let them kill her outside” We insisted to call the police and let things be settled but they allowed the employer to sign DAMA form and instructed us to release the patient. With the best effort we can,  we tried to do what we know will be the best fot her, but the hospital authorities itself has the power and control over us. Finally, they instructed us to release the patient.

At the end of the day, it made me think that I was not able to protect a single life. Now I am thinking what happened to her. Just praying she could be safe from other people’s hand. It made me sad knowing that a life could be saved, but it wasnt.

2nd event:

This i wanted to share to my fellow colleagues in NICU. I had been working in the Phillipines as NICU nurse for almost 2 years. There I observed and learned a lot of things. But just now i learned that experiences in the Philippines should remain in the Philippines.

Another patient, a 2 month-old baby girl with ongoing Intravenous fluids and connected to a line @ left metacarpal vein. well secured with tapes and splint. The mother requested to cover the site because the splint irritates the baby’s face. a nurse on duty looked for something that can cover the splint and decided to use a diaper, which she believed to be soft and will bring comfort to the baby. As the day went by, we received so many calls from superiors. Just then, we knew that the mother took pictures of it and now complaining that the nurses put diaper on her baby’s hand. Pictures was sent to the hospital director, Nursing Director and all other superiors. Now, as an ending, the area and the nurses on duty was under investigation. A written complaint was filed.. and the case we are facing?

“Using diaper to cover baby’s IV site”

As a nurse, to the best effort we can, do things for the patient’s good. Making sure that we cause no harm to them and every single caress has the intention to make them improve. But my experience in Kingdom made me realized that life here is far different from what I do like. People make problems on you. If it was you fault, it was your fault, But if it was their fault, it was still your fault.

No rights. No protection. No one will be there to protect you. Well, that’s the reality. I remember a mother shouting to a nurse (in their language translated in tagalog) “magkano ba ang gusto mong ibayad ko sayo pra palitan mo ang bed sheet ng anak ko? Diba nagpunta ka dito para sa pera?”  where in fact, the bed sheet was changed the 4th time. Really, life here is miserable.

Other people think that life outside the country is very easy but in fact, its not. Every single cent that we sent in the philippines was equivalent to all the hardships, loneliness, degradation and descrimination we got.

I wanted to become a nurse.  A nurse that gains respect.. a nurse with  hands that heals.. a nurse that can be appreciated.

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  • mashala

    Its really hard to leave the place where we use to work as a nurse wherein we gained respect and loved from the patient. But the saddest experience that we will encounter abroad when someone humiliate and even show disrespect in our profession. What is in it? Giving our helping hands towards other ethnicity but in return we are degraded. Just thinking whatever they say as long as we are giving the best we can no one will put us down. We are the best talaga as Aga Mulach mentioned in one movie shoot abroad. Long live filipino nurse.