September 28, 2010 Jo Cerrudo 4

We stood at the bedside and shared each other’s anger. The thought of the carnage this man left behind made me recoil in disgust. I felt a need to cry; bile rose up in my throat. Even in repose, this man’s face looked so evil, almost satanic. Despite all the repulsion I felt, I had no choice; I had to take care of this patient. My training and my ethical responsibility will ensure that I give this patient the best of care, no matter what.


September 24, 2010 Administrator 0

TNT. Hindi po iyan pasabog, hindi rin po iyan kung ano mang kalokohang salita. Iyan po ang tawag sa mga pinoy na naninirahan sa ibang […]

The OB Nurse

September 11, 2010 Clarrise E. 0

Volunteering in a tertiary government hospital in the OB-GYNE Ward will open one’s eyes to the chaotic but endearing world of a woman’s uterus and […]