4 Veggies That Burn Belly Fat

Belly fat (Photo credit: simplysixpacks)
Belly fat (Photo credit: simplysixpacks)
Belly fat (Photo credit: simplysixpacks)
Belly fat (Photo credit: simplysixpacks)

4 Veggies That Burn Belly Fat
By Nadine A Douglas

There are specific vegetables that actually help your body burn belly fat… sounds too good to be true right?

Well maybe it is not as far fetched as you think…

Check out the facts about four veggies that actually help you lose weight by eating them.

1. Spinach

Spinach is part of the ‘super food’ group because it is packed with antioxidants, vitamins (K and B) and calcium. Overwhelming research suggests that spinach seems to lessen the risk of many common diseases, such as:

• Certain types of cancer: colon, lung, skin, oral, stomach, ovarian, prostate and breast cancer.

• Cardiovascular disease (including stroke and coronary artery disease).

• Cataracts

Calcium which is found in spinach provides extra fuel for your muscles while they are contracting during exercise, which means that you can work out for longer, thereby burning more calories. Not only is spinach low in calories it is also high in fiber which helps you feel fuller for longer.

2. Broccoli

Broccoli has a wealth of nutrients which include vitamin C, A, folic acid, and calcium. Like spinach, broccoli is known to help prevent many types of common diseases, some of which are listed above. It is also known as a very rich source of fiber, half of which is soluble with the other half being insoluble, which helps to meet a person’s need for both types of fiber. The fiber keeps you feeling fuller for longer and it also helps to burn fat during the digestion process. Because your body uses more energy to digest broccoli, it helps shed those pounds!

3. Chilli Peppers

Chilli peppers contain capsaicin (the ingredient which makes the pepper hot and spicy), and capsaicin helps with the bodies’ ability to burn fat. When a person eats spicy food such as a chilli pepper, your body activates the pain receptors in your mouth and sends a message to your brain that relief from the spicy food is needed quickly. This in-turn speeds up the bodies’ metabolism and heart rate, in order for your body to cool off from the effects of the spicy food. As a result of this your body goes through an increased calorie burning process which helps with weight loss. The hotter the pepper you consume, the more capsaicin it contains, and therefore the more calories you burn! Some good examples of hot fat burning chilli peppers are Jalapenos or scotch bonnet peppers.

4. Mushrooms

All types of mushrooms go perfectly with leafy vegetables because they are one of the only vegetables which contain Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps the body absorb the calcium from the green veggies which allows the body to accomplish longer work out sessions, thereby shedding the weight off the stomach as well as other areas.

Most nutritionists will agree that in order to achieve successful weight loss, it is vital to have a nutritional diet combined with moderate to high levels of cardiovascular exercise. So, in addition to eating your veggies, make sure you do get some good cardio sessions in your routine as well.

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Nadine ‘Diet Coach’ Douglas lost over 25 pounds after being overweight most of her adult life. She now runs a successful weight loss website which gives information about great resources which can help you lose weight and be healthy for long term success.

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