7 Amazing Super Foods To Fight Diabetes

Diabetes can cut your life short but that doesn’t mean you can’t prevent it through positive lifestyle and disciplined approach. As a matter of fact, one’s risk for developing Type 2 diabetes can be significantly reduced by regular exercise, balanced diet and consistent weight monitoring. Among these three, getting a daily supply of a balanced diet is probably the most challenging not just because one’s cravings for sweets and fatty foods are sometimes hard to resist but because choosing the best foods to eat requires sufficient knowledge about the do’s and don’ts of diabetes diet management. For this reason, culinary medicine is bringing us a lot of food choices perfect for people who are either suffering from diabetes or at risk to get the disease. Here are seven of the most amazing diabetes super foods you can try (please take note that the foods listed below have been chosen because of their effectiveness and nutritional value, approved by medical experts around the globe):

1. Beans

Beans are one of the most excellent sources of fiber (1/2 cup of white or black beans contains a total of 7  grams) which is recommended for patients with diabetes because it curbs your food cravings, makes you feel full, keeps your blood sugar from spiking and controls your blood cholesterol through its calcium contents.

2. Fatty fish

You may have a natural distaste for fish but if you have diabetes or at risk of any types of diabetes, getting at least 2 servings of fatty fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel can be a life-changing choice for you. Aside from counteracting insulin resistance, fatty fishes are known to be great sources of omega-3 fatty acids,  which can decrease a diabetic’s chance to get life-threatening heart conditions.


3. Fat-free milk and yogurt

Fats are certainly not diabetics’ best friends and one of the best foods that can fight them are dairy products. You heard that right: DAIRY PRODUCTS. Of course, you should opt to buy fat-free alternatives which can give both calcium and Vitamin D, two nutrients that have been known to curb one’s cravings, reduce cholesterol, and prevents incidents of insulin resistance among diabetic patients.

4. Cinnamon

According to recent studies, sprinkling at least 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon to your chicken and baked dishes can activate your insulin to work efficiently, reducing your blood sugar in the process. Insulin is the hormone released by the body to allow blood sugar to enter the cells, deficiency of which characterizes diabetes in general.

5. Olive oil

Not all cooking oils can harm you and that is especially true for olive oil. The reason that it is recommended for diabetic patients is that it contains nutrients that prevents the occurrence of insulin resistance and can work as a healthier choice to cook your regular foods. But just like your ordinary oil, don’t use too much of it as a tablespoon of olive oil contains at least 119 calories, significant enough to cause weight gain.

6. Cereal

Another excellent source of fiber, cereals, especially those which are made from oats, have been recommended as an ideal breakfast for diabetic patients or anyone who has risk factors of the disease. Fiber slows down digestion process of carbohydrates, reduces one’s food cravings, lowers bad cholesterol and fights insulin resistance. According to experts, choosing cereals with at least 5 grams of fiber per serving is highly recommended.

7. Citrus fruits

Oranges and other citrus fruits are other excellent sources of fiber which can help you fight diabetes in a healthier way. Always choose natural sources instead of buying fruit juices because nutrients commonly found in real fruits fail to get sealed within local juice brands.

Diet plays a major role in diabetes risk management so healthier choices should be made. But thanks to the super  foods listed above, diet restrictions will not be synonymous to suicide; you can enjoy foods and get healthy at the same time. However, always take in mind that diet, alone, won’t assure you of a diabetes-free life; having discipline while using multiple diabetes management approach remains unbeatable. Diabetes is controllable and preventable so starting our fight early will only assure us of a brighter and healthier future ahead.


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14 foods that could change a diabetic’s life.

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  • ramil

    Nice blog…when we talk healthy food and exercise…we feel good and positive about life and…it seems like a wake up call to do what we need to do,to stay healthy…its kinda inspiration to go back where we have left…staying healthy and do healthy things…is a challenge to everyone,family life,kids, work long hours…so we can make the ends meet…but staying healthy is not for everyone…its a mental mind game that we have to exercise because our life is missing something…its human nature…something we always have to chase for something…to look good…or our status.m.but its easier….if…..yah…exercise and staying healthy is a must…the natural breakthrough cure for anything….its hard to be consistent…if we fail…its OK…its just a break…take a rest if we have to…..and go back find the rhythm again….it got a lot of benefits….and diabetes is maintainable …just healthy lifestyle….just do things we want to be done..even its baby step…don’t listen to our own stubborn self that we fail..its just our own self defeating negative energy tha we have to deal everyday….we need to win it…repetitions works and changes something…and good and right way…is sure is easy…work hard…take a rest….and mostly reward yourself be it small stuff…like nice shirt…or a CD….and appreciate and care that people care for us….contentment=happiness=healthiness ..

  • Myrna


  • tony acuna

    i am diabetic and have successfully reduced my weight by 7kg in 3 months time but due to workload i have neglected my doctor’s and dietician’s advice. i lost control and consumed more than is required. before,i used to have grilled fish, some fruits for dinner with less carbo and no cola drinks.an fb friend of mine brought me back to my senses and she told me that this disease is controllable.today,she informed me to check the filipino nurses blog.this is very informative.it is high time to say goodbye to mr.dunhill.thank you

  • Very impormative and helpful,thanks.

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  • Before, I had glaucoma,asthma,and 3 highs.. 2,000 mgs of metformin,2 eye drops,2 inhaler,2 pillls for my Hpn and also for my cholesterol..without exercise and dieting,i even loss more than 50 lbs and i have a strong immuned system…i just changed the brand of my innerwear, which is TEVIRON clothing!!! its so amazing, it works with pressure points..now, i protect and prevent myself from different complications!!!

  • I love eating beans, cereals and yogurts, now I know its benefits. Thanks for sharing this useful information…

  • I think the admin of this web page is really working hard in support of his website,
    since here every information is quality based data.

  • boying agbalo

    Can I add some more? I am diagnosed a diabetic less than a year now, but I think I was already for a long time now, ever since I kept losing some of my teeth. I completely agree with much of this article. And I discovered some more good info on my own. I thought I would die early anyway so I tried a few things. I discovered that diabetes is not just manageable, but reversible. Sugar/blood glucose is the problem, so I avoided sugar, carbo, pasta/noodles and baked goods for twelve days. And bicycled a lot; stopped taking metformin, consumed a lot of green leafies. Hard at first, I thought I’d be worse; but I feel much better now. It’s a breakthrough for me. Gulay should always be included, and exercise should be taken as the best medicine ever. If you diet and don’t move, you’re just slowing down the complications. Expelling the toxins by working-out, thus encouraging good blood circulation and delivery of good nutrition to the vital organs – you reverse the trend of your life.