7 things to ponder when you’re a nurse

1. Law of gravity – when something comes up, it must come down. Sometimes in your clothes, face or neck. Sometimes it’s phlegm, blood or both.

2. You know, you’re gonna have a bad day, when, during endorsement time, a colleague say, “Ikaw na lang inaantay nyan!”

3. You think it’s inhuman to restrain a 101 y.o. patient, until he becomes your patient.

4. You look at your pocket,  and you see,  medication card,  syringes and specimen cup.

5. At home, you’re trying to figure out if you remembered to endorse that there is a forcep, clamped in the foley catheter of your intubated patient.

6. You feel there ought to be a law, mandating just how many diaper changed a nurse can take in a shift.

7. Sometimes when a doctor left you with a 3 paged order, you want to smile at him and say, “Doc, try nyo kaya carry out yung order nyo? One time lang. Plsssss.”

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  • maria

    I love this one!

  • bridge

    this is so true!

    • mae katherine

      exactly!!!i’ve experienced these cases…

  • well said!

  • mashala

    of course it happened. Very true!

  • ruth

    life of a nurse…so much sacrifice…indeed very true!

  • Dana

    hahahaha! soooo true! galing neto! haha!

  • chrisar


  • pwahaha

    lufet nung 7..

  • Ben

    Its true there should be a number 8 on that list youre super tired youre ready to go home and suddenly you have to do a patient until 4 am in the morning and the doctor doesnt even say thank you or recognized you that totally sucks

  • yanie

    this is so true.. especially when your going home already but you keep on thinking if you dont miss anything or forgot to endorse etc.. i guess its part of being a nurse 24/7

  • dowkie

    if you agree with number 7 “the 3 page order” then you have no right to be a nurse or a doctor. A 3 page or more order is obviously done because the situation warrants it. No doctor will do that for kicks. If it means more work for you, it means more responsibilities for me. More questions to be asked by a consultant if you are a resident. Most probably the patient is also more toxic.

    i guess with all the self aggrandizing and self pitiful statements nurses make here… try a 36 hours every 2 or 3 days, battery of exams every week, cases to be presented and the constant boljak of your superiors lets see if you wouldnt appreciate what you have now and lets see if you wouldnt sympathize with that masungit resident you love to hate and talk about.

    if anyone even dares me to try being a nurse, yes, I have been a nurse. I have been a clerk, intern, resident in a government hospital. I do the doctors job, I do the nurses jobs as well. nursing is paradise compared to medicine.

    • i agree with you 100 percent!!!

    • jupuge

      you should get more responsibilities, you have an enormous salary compared to us nurses. if the responsibility is comparable to the salary, we should at least get half at least of what you’re getting. excuse me but there are some doctors who do this just for kicks. not everyone is as, supposedly, morally aligned as you.

    • ann

      your very lucky downie for being a doctor, you only WRITE what you need for your patients, unlucky us, cause we do all the works…

    • douche bag

      Got nothing against the 3-page page order, minsan nga 4 pages pa lalo na pag for transfer na sa ICU ung patient. BUT having it ordered 30 MINUTES BEFORE the end of the nurse’s shift is f**king impossible. I’ve experienced that before, na-f**ked up talaga ako. Diyan makikita ang pakikisama ng mga doctors, lalo na ung mga baguhan na residente. But luckily, may agreement na ang mga doctor samin na bawal na magorder ng ganun kahaba pag kapos na sa oras kasi di din naman talaga magagawa lahat un with that time span. Ang ginagawa nila is they separate ung mga STAT orders if toxic ung pasyente para pasok sa shift nung nurse and the rest is ordered na sa time ng next shift.

  • llora


  • Well said!

  • RYAN

    lol, good response JUPUGE!

  • may

    don’t mention the doctors handwriting,dioskopo ilalagay ka pa ata sa panganib dahil hindi man lang maiayos ang sulat.Dito sa saudi mga nurses pa ang nagsusuggest sa mga doctor ang gagawin para lang malunasan ang pasyeste.ganyan ang mga filipino nurses,maabilidad at makapagkakatiwalaan, at maaasahan

    • angel

      u’r ryt!

  • maryjean

    nakakarelate ako s number 3..hehe kulang na nga lang pati patients chart maibulsa ko na..hehe, dagdag pa ang napaka gandang sulat ng rod!cmon, kulang na lang linya na lang ang ipalit nia sa sulat nia,hehe..

  • love this! I really hate ‘kaw na lang hinihintay niyan’! in an endorsement!;)

  • ashnie

    tooommoooo…. sakit tLga x braIn ang eNdorSEment.. wHEw..!

  • glorevi abellera

    ok lng nmn yung 3pages na order kht 5 pa yan bsta ba maaga mgrounds..ang ibng doctor kc sa alanganing time mgrounds..yung tipong ang eh ka2in na ng meals nya drating ang doctor at mgrounds o d kya ddtng pg endorsement..kramihan kc ng mga doktors alang pkialam sa mga nurses..kc feling nla superior cla msyado..wlng kwnta ang 10yrs nyo sa med skul kng alang nurse na mg aalaga sa mga psynte.kya love ur nurses hnd ung love na love lng phirapan kc tingin nyo nurse lng kmi..