A day in a life of an EMT: A bland week

I’ve been assigned in SLEX post where it rained long and hard. Still no patient. Apparently, I have been evaded by runs that are potentially learning experiences. I know, it’s a cruel thought to hope someone gets careless behind the wheel but let’s face it, you get better with experience, and what way to gather experience as an EMT other than being in a superhighway where people don’t use seatbelts, don’t inspect their breaks, and learned how to drive in Edsa. Well it’s not that I want anyone to get hurt, all I want is if something happens.. I want to be there to do my job. Plus I’m really itching to use the hydraulic cutters; man, I’m not part of the extrication team but hell do I want to tear an expensive car into pieces (take that hell-borne capitalists!). Anyway, it was quite a dry shift. All I did was eat, sleep, and watch the hostage taking in Quirino Grandstand. Speaking of which, I felt quite disappointed regarding this issue. Actually, early in the afternoon I knew the hostages were toast. Considering the lack of training of our supposedly best of the best. A few years ago, something similar happened, I don’t know if some of you remember; they shot through a child whom they assumed have already died to drop a hostage taker who was starting the cleave the child with his knife but as it turns out, the child died from the bullets the child took, whereas the wounds she got from the knife could have been manageable. Depressing.

Change topic: I was on standby at DLSZ yesterday. It was an overall crappy shift but somehow things came through, we had two patients so time flew a little faster. Both were for x-rays so together it took 2 hours of the 9 hour shift. So, they had an event, Linggo ng Wika. Kids there were really cute, they were wearing traditional Filipino garments the whole day skipping the uniforms. And then there was one this lady passed by and I was like “Wow, that teacher’s super gorgeous!” She was wearing a white Filipiniana dress with the hair fixed and all the makeup.

Okay. So maybe I didn’t really say those exactly words. Revised it a little. It’s not just appropriate since this blog is just a grant and.. well, my other reason you’ll know as I let on.

Where was I..? Right, I saw this lady who walked past the ambulance and my jaw dropped. Man she was beautiful. I was warming myself up to approach her and introduce myself until my partner who has been assigned in DLSZ longer than I was, whom I thought was napping (thank God he wasn’t) told me that she isn’t a teacher and that she’s actually a fourth year high school student. I was like “Oh crap, that was close” I mean she looked exactly like a fully developed woman if you know what I mean, it’s not like she’s got statutory written all over her. Which reminds me, I’d like to share something I’ve learned from EMT school, which has proven to be true in pre-hospital and clinical practice.. and day-to-day situations such as this.

Never ASSUME; because it will make An ASS of U and ME.

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