A Hero in a Day

I was in the middle of triaging a patient when one of my colleagues approached me and asked me if  Icould start an IV on a patient in the cath lab. I walked in the midst of chaos; nurses, doctors, RT’s, rad tech and who knows who else surrounds the severely distressed patient in the cath lab table.

The patient was about to receive a cardiac catheterization for a myocardial infarction otherwise known as a heart attack.The patient is being revived when I walked in, very restless and she was being  intubated but with no IV yet. They have tried several times but couldn’t do it. Even the doctor attempted to put an Intraosseous access but to no avail. So I came and in less than a minute put an IV on that patient. I felt everyone’s sigh of relief as if some miracle happened. I got a tap on my shoulder from the cardiologist who I saw for the first time. Our ER doc said a warm thank you to me after he intubated the patient. The cath lab nurse approached me and said, “You saved that woman’s life.” The rad tech who I have been working with for a couple of years now asked my name for the first time and my colleagues greeted me saying, “Good job Andy!”

All I could do is just throw a smile at them. I felt like a hero for the first time. I have been doing  IVs in all my nursing career and modesty aside, I can proudly say I’m one of the best. But this time around it was special. That moment was special for me.

Saving life and being appreciated makes a difference in my career as a nurse and in my life in general. I have realized that a simple act of kindness paired with a talent and/or skill could make a difference in a life and death situation. I believe that everyone is capable of making little miracles happen if we give ourselves fully and commit ourselves to everything that we do.

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    when i get sick can i request for andy to be the one to poke me…

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    Teach me how to insert an IV ! 🙂