A List of 4 Cancer Fighting Foods

Foods that fight cancer (Photo credit: allenandunwin)
Foods that fight cancer (Photo credit: allenandunwin)
Foods that fight cancer (Photo credit: allenandunwin)
Foods that fight cancer (Photo credit: allenandunwin)

One of the best ways to prevent cancer is to control your diet and monitor the things you eat. Not many of us take the time to really look at what we consume on a daily basis. When you really take a minute to figure it out, I bet that you’d be surprised just how bad your diet is.

I sat down a few weeks ago and wrote down all of the foods I eat during the day. Surprisingly, I was a bit frightened by what I saw. I never realized how much of my diet was composed of sugary cereal and fattening snacks. On top of that, I was eating a lot of processed packaged foods.

After doing some research I found several foods that are good for general health. On top of that, they are also good for promoting cancer. It’s a win-win! Below you’ll find 4 popular foods that are healthy in general and that also fight cancer.

    • Carrots – I have to say that carrots are one of my favorite vegetables. As you can imagine I was pleased to learn that they help fight cancer. They contain a lot of beta carotene, a compound that protects us from a wide range of diseases that occur in the throat, bladder, stomach and intestines (among others).
    • Sweet Potatoes – These babies also contain a lot of beta carotene as well as other micro nutrients that help cleanse and feed our bodies. Micro nutrients are a very important part of our diets, and processed foods are severely lacking in micro nutrients. Micro nutrients help boost our immune system and allow us to fight off a wide range diseases and sicknesses. If you’re not a big fan of plain sweet potatoes, try adding a little bit of butter and some brown sugar. Just don’t add too much!
    • Grapefruits – I love eating grapefruit. They are by far one of my favorite fruits along with cantaloupe and strawberries. If you are looking for a good way to eat a grapefruit, try cutting it in half first. Next, take a sharp knife and start carving around each triangle-shaped piece of fruit. After that, take a spoon and simply scoop out each piece of fruit. Easy!
  • Tomatoes – If you like eating burgers, you’ve probably had a tomato or two in your life. They go great on salads, and they contain lycopene which attacks free radicals in the body which have been known to cause cancer. Try adding some mozzarella cheese and olive oil to make a caprese salad if you don’t want to eat a totally plain tomato.

Well, I hope this list has helped you. There are lots of other cancer fighting foods out there, but these are a few of my favorites. Remember that it’s not always possible to fully prevent yourself from getting cancer. However, eating a healthy diet will generally greatly improve the length and quality of your life.

If you’d like more information on cancer you can find info on adult cancer and childhood cancer (e.g. Neuroblastoma) at those links. Enjoy!

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  • Oh! Wow all these daily use veggies helps in fighting deadly disease, it really helps many people in saving their lives. thank you for this wonderful information.

  • If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer, it is important that you know the details of your specific case. In order to get an understanding of what you can personally do to help your illness, the details are needed. Ask your doctor where the cancer is located and if it has spread anywhere.