Accomplish (Photo credit: farroutlinks)
Accomplish (Photo credit: farroutlinks)

People often push through the things they want to happen in their lives that they often forget one important sense of existence: taking a break and asking their selves the question: “Where am I now and what have I already achieved and accomplished?”

Accomplish (Photo credit: farroutlinks)
Accomplish (Photo credit: farroutlinks)

When does a sense of accomplishment begin? Simply stated, it begins when one has defined his purpose in life, the very reason why he exists. One can never have a sense of achievement if one doesn’t have a purpose. Fundamental questions must be asked in order to identify one’s purpose: Why am I here? What do I want to do? When will I do it? Where do I want to go? The questions make use of the 4w’s of life. Realizing the purpose however, is the only starting point of accomplishment.

Once a person already realizes his purpose in life, one now proceeds on setting his goal, a specific thing he wants to achieve in his life. An important question this time is: How can I achieve these goals towards my purpose? Nobody can answer that for anyone. It is strictly the person himself who can define such.

Often, the path towards purpose and accomplishment is filled with sharp rocks. It is never easy. If it was, then life would have no sense. The good thing is, we are perfectly enabled and empowered with the ability to make these dreams and goals a reality. It is only a matter of courage, of adjustment, and of learning. There is no sense of accomplishment without lessons being learned. As people go near and near the things they want to accomplish, their wisdom broadens, their logic, emotional stability, and rational thinking are harnessed.

People can never, ever say that one cannot accomplish anything. I do believe that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, if you pray, and if you maintain courage and hope no matter what people say. Never let anybody say what you cannot do. You are just like everyone else. You have the power within you to accomplish the things you want, and get whatever it is you desire.

Never stop setting goals, finding your purpose, and recognizing your little accomplishments. Remember, accomplishments aren’t achieved in a day. Accomplishing something takes time. Savor the time and savor your life. Life isn’t, and never will be easy, but a change in perspective and thinking will turn that belief around. It is only through this change in perspective that one can truly see how beautiful life is.

Never lose hope.

Never give up.

Never stop believing in yourself.

Never stop fighting.

And most of all, never stop dreaming, for once you stop dreaming, you stop living.

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