Acid Reflux – How to Get Some Relief and Fast

Acid reflux is a huge problem in today’s society. People who suffer from Acid Reflux find it can be very painful, unpleasant and can even upset their sleeping cycle. Most sufferers resort to using over-the-counter medication or even prescription medicine as a way to resolve this, which can have various results.

Problems arise because the drugs interfere with the natural digestive process in our body by stopping the stomach’s natural acid secretions. These acidic digestive enzymes are natural and, like most things in our body, they serve a good purpose. In this case it’s to digest proteins.

Without these acidic digestive enzymes, our digestion is greatly slowed or even stopped. Our body senses this and in turn it tries to secrete more acid, which is again stopped by the drugs. A vicious cycle begins, between the drugs and our body trying to work the way it was designed.

Acid Reflux can sometimes lead to Barrett’s esophagus. People with Barrett’s esophagus are at a greater risk of developing esophageal adenocarcinoma. This is a form of cancer, which, depending on its stage of development, may result in your doctor suggesting surgery to cut out your esophagus. Without going into too much detail, the side effects from this surgery can be horrendous. So there are some good reasons to seek alternative treatment.

The good news is that there is a much safer way to deal with this without side effects, which allows your body to work the way it was designed to by nature. The key to this is to make your digestion efficient. If your digestion is allowed to work completely and thoroughly, there will be no putrifying mass of food or acid rising into your throat.

The first thing you must address is what you are eating. The answer is to stop eating acid-forming foods and meals and replace them with some alkalizing foods and beverages. It comes down to what foods you combine and whether they create an alkaline or an acidic environment. If you get the correct combination of alkaline foods, then your food will be digested quickly and with ease. Get a pH chart of alkaline-forming foods and foods that are acid-forming and familiarise yourself with this. You can “Google” this.

I would also suggest drinking water that has been filtered and alkalinized. Reduce your consumption of coffee, black tea, and soda. Coffee and soda are extremely acidic. Try green tea instead, which is alkaline and full of antioxidants. Something as simple as the water we drink can also play an important part. For a great water filter that will alkalinize your water and can be shipped to most places in the world click here:

The next thing to look at is supplementing your body with digestive enzymes. Most people seeking relief from Acid Reflux have been eating acid-forming meals that are hard to digest for a long time. After years of this diet, the body’s ability to create these natural enzymes can be reduced or in some cases non-existent. This becomes even worse if you have been taking acid-reducing medications. It is important to get a high quality product, as there are many inferior ones on the market that will not do the same job.

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