Adieu (Photo credit: ofbeautyandlove.blogspot)
Adieu (Photo credit: ofbeautyandlove.blogspot)


I was so delighted when I joined the City Hospital. I kept my self ready, and with an open heart to mingle with different kinds of people. I have been in Dubai for three years now, and so far, happily working in my chosen career. But things are not as what I thought they will be…

Adieu (Photo credit: ofbeautyandlove.blogspot)
Adieu (Photo credit: ofbeautyandlove.blogspot)

My first week in my area, I felt like I am inside a lion’s den; I was not welcome (or I just though so? ). Strange feeling, but I tried to compose myself. And told myself that in any place you go, you’ll feel the same because you’re a new comer. I tried to get along, see the routines, but at the end of the day, still confused. I tried to compose myself many times, and that goes on until now.

It’s funny that exactly after a month of stay, I had to make an incident report. Responsibility sank in. Many things are learned through mistakes, but not all things are to be learned by making mistakes, right?

Time passes, it has been three months now. I have seen how people work, how people hide and how people do their jobs just for the sake of finishing the job. I salute those nurses who knows their forte, but I hope they will have a sense of giving or sharing knowledge to others ‘coz it will be more fulfilling.

For those who are just coming to work without doing anything , and just keeping themselves looking busy, please have a shame. As long as you are in the institution. follow what is expected of you. Be an asset. not just a number in the employee’s list.

Lastly, to those who come just to do their job and not sensitive enough to give a hand to others, better think twice. You can’t live alone. One day, you will need others, and it would be sad if no one will be behind you for support.

Be a leader, a good leader.  It’s only through that a team will work. Growth will follow. The success of one is every one’s gain. Never fail,  be sensitive, have a heart .We are not just employees, we are angels in disguise. We are NURSES! Be proud because not everyone has the same calling like ours. We might not have wings, but we have a hand equipped with TENDER LOVE and CARE.

For now, I’m gonna bid goodbye for the reason that another opportunity came along, I want to grab it. Another challenge for me, for my profession and for my self with a hope to keep. With a smile to see again the people I met along the way in my journey. To my employers which I consider as my second family, thank you. And to TCH who opened door for me to be part of their family, much thanks. Because of you, I was sheltered.

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