Advisory on Job Offers via Student Visa Route

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8 November 2011

Advisory on Job Offers via Student Visa Route

Filipinos seeking employment in the United Kingdom are advised to be more cautious in view of the rampant cases of mis-information and deceit. Generally, they should be wary of attractive jobs offered by employers or their agents specifically those initially issuing them a student visa with a promise to successfully convert such into a work visa.

The Philippine Nurses Association of United Kingdom urges all Filipino jobseekers to be more discerning as current UK legislation prohibits in-country changes of visa. Furthermore,

• Application for UK visa is done in the country of origin, i.e., at the British Embassy in Manila, and not in the UK. Visas are issued based on the points criteria for qualifications, prospective earnings, maintenance funds and English language proficiency. Since the visas are applied at, and issued by the British Embassy in Manila, applicants should not give credence to the scanned copies of visas purportedly applied in their behalf by their employer’s agents, including immigration consultants, solicitors or travel agents;
• The new UK Points-Based Immigration System has done away with the requirement of the old ‘work permit’ which is now replaced by the ‘certificate of sponsorship’. To be able to issue a certificate of sponsorship in favor of a candidate or applicant, the prospective UK employer should be duly licensed as a sponsor by the UK Border Agency (UKBA). Filipino jobseekers should verify the status of their prospective employers in the list of sponsors which can be found at the UKBA website: The payment for the certificate of sponsorship is also shouldered by the UK employer;
• The Overseas Nursing Program (ONP) is currently at a standstill and the Association is not aware of any institution successfully offering the program as a route to getting a UK License to practice nursing in the UK;
• Individuals with a UK student entry visa are only allowed to work 10-hours per week during term time if you are on a course below NQF 6/QCF 6/SCQF 9 at a UK higher education institution;
• There will also be tighter regulations on allowing the dependents of students to join them in the UK – and less flexibility in the number of years that overseas students can spend in the UK after courses are finished;

The association would also like to emphasize that completion of the ONP does not automatically guarantee a UK Nursing License as this completely depends on the decision of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC); nor does completion of the nursing program guarantee a UK Visa as this depends on a lot of decisive factors from the UK Border and Immigration Agency.

The association would also like to remind all jobseekers to deal only with licensed immigration consultants and/or solicitors. It is suggested that all transactions be made at the offices of licensed immigration consultants and/or solicitors and, when necessary, ask them to produce their license to practice as immigration consultants and/or solicitors before making any payment. Refrain from transacting business in clinics, cafes, telephones or mobile phones, e-mail, and other venues where it is not possible to ascertain the legitimate status of the immigration consultancy practice being offered.

For further clarifications or inquiry, please contact the Philippine Nurses Association of the UK, at email [email protected] Visit the website at for more information. Specific information can be found at

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Philipine Nurses Association of United Kingdom (PNA UK)
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  • Dear Michael Duque, Some of your comments are inaccurate and misleading to all the Pinoys reading this blog. I would like to draw the readers attention to your comments about the ONP been in standstill. Where did you base this conclusion as the NMC has not stopped issuing pin numbers to those who have successfully completed the ONP with an approved University. Issuing a UK Nursing license to a non EU national depends on obtaining a pin number. Of course the issuance of UK Nursing License depends on the NMC. However it is very rare that the NMC will refuse a license when a non EEC national has undertaken the relevant 3-6 months supervised training and passed the ONP. Correct me if I am wrong but you must get your facts right before posting your comments. It discourages your fellow Pinoys who are genuinely seeking to practise nursing in the UK. For the benefit of those in the Philippines who are reading this blog, please feel free to attend a free seminar at the British Council. Philippines on November 18, 2011. Look for Bucks New University stand and ask for Miss NICOLA BATES . She is currently recruiting nurses for the Nursing Top up with ONP combined. Do mentioned that you were send by Mrs Lee from LIC UK. For more information please email us at [email protected]. Tel no: +44(0)2088961050.

  • MeRKO85

    I agree with the author…my family (particularly my older brother who eager to have a student visa there in order to have a work) is victim of this syndicate agency who will entice you to have a “student visa” in UK were promising a 100% chance in employed there, the truth is depends on the decision of the UK Embasy, the CONSUL in here Manila…once you denied all of your money will not refund. Almost half-million or Php 500, 000 of the money of my parents has been unfortunately lost and taken by those syndicate agency. I sternly advise those nurses not to apply this one, there is a higher risk that you will not succeed in this application. It is better to apply with a working visa in other country with 100% sure of chance to be employed with a approximately Php 200k fees than to apply this one.

  • MeRKO85

    In fact, the syndicate agency that my older brother applied has been already close. Please don’t risk your hard earned money of your parents just to apply in this visa when there is no 100% chance of succeed. Hope you will learn the lesson of my family as a victim of this proliferate syndicate agency who lure you and entice you.