After TOXICITY comes a great RELIEF!!!=)

The word toxic is not so hard to define…but for medical professionals like me, it has been one of the most dreaded words in the Webster’s dictionary if ever it has its meaning on it… but seriously speaking, i always had an encounter using this word, especially in my field, in the area to which i am assigned for 8 hours almost every single day. nevertheless, i don’t even have regrets using it every single day, but these past few days, i cannot deny the fact that it has been so toxic inside the delivery room!!!! every single day, including weekends!!!!! asking some questions like, is it because the ‘ber’ months has started??? or, pregnant women ought to choose giving birth just now???!!!! whatever the answer is, i don’t really care all. for i really wanted to help other people and i am extremely happy enough to see all soon to be moms smile and cry when seeing their little ones after long hours of labor, pain, and pushes!!!

For days, we never experienced such toxicity from the prep room down to the operating room. with a number of scheduled cases timed all throughout the day, to the unpredictable preggies in labor, to the simple cases from the emergency room going up to our prep room for some clearance. it was indeed never easy. but every single day, we were able to overcome such because of the happy people around me, from the oldies assigned in the prep room, to the tired and hapong-hapo labor room nurses, circulating and scrub nurses in the operating rooms, double-job post anesthesia care unit assigned nurses to our good old manongs, happy people were bound to their jobs well all throughout the day.

That is why maybe, patients from all over, from mommies to be in labor, to those inside scheduled for an operation, ought to feel that certain aura from each and everyone of us. there is that tired mode from us but somehow, we can always hide that feeling away and show our beloved patients that we are always ready to extend our help to them. so yesterday, while inside the delivery room handling over our patients, we received a number of little things that made us feel that certain relief from the tiring mode we have been encountering for the past few days!!!!!!!

A big cake!!!!! Given by one of our patients who gave birth to a bouncing baby boy last Saturday!!!! I am proud to say that I was one of her labor room nurse for our shift when she was in labor. I witnessed how much pain she experienced during her unbearable contractions but she managed to smile after the induction of her anesthesia by one of the best anesthesiologists in town!!!!!hihi and maybe, the anesthesia was such a success that is why before our shift ended, she gave birth!!!!=) congratulations mam!!!!!
And while eating out our delicious cake while checking out our patients inside, I saw this letter posted in our big whiteboard along the hallway!!!!=)

A letter given by again, one of our patients who gave birth last week…=) happiness can’t be bought most of the time. For because of our simple yet tiring effort to extend our help to other people, we can feel that appreciation from some of them. This simple note is really worth something. And because of such simple gifts, we have proven that we are doing our jobs well and that people really appreciate our simple yet sincere help for them.

For being a nurse is never easy. From the time we started out learning the lessons we have to understand that entails all the sacrifices, we got our licenses and were bound to help other people to the best we could. This job can be that easy sometimes, but most of the time, the feeling is really tiring. But seeing such simple appreciation from our dear patients really makes my heart explode to its happiness. In the first place, I may not be part of the team who helped them during that risky delivery but deep in my heart I know that my colleagues have given their best shot to help them. so now that it’s my off, I am extending my little time for this, thank you very much to our dear patients, our duty as nurses have always been fun because of all of you!!!!!=)

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