Aloe Vera For Sunburn And Several Natural Uses

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Sunburn is one of the most painful minor skin irritations which can happen. Using aloe vera for sunburn is your bets bet for fast and effective relief. Just by breaking the stems and gently applying the oozing gel to affected skin can make the burn less intense and help blisters be less severe.

Once you are burned do not rush into rubbing lotions or other creams onto your skin. These items can cause even more pain and prolong the sunburn’s affects by trapping the heat within your flesh. The first thing that must be done for relief is too get the burn cooled off.

Never apply lotions or other cream type of mixtures to skin that is freshly burned. The heat you feel needs to be cooled down some before attempting application of these products. If you use them to soon the heat will be forced more into your skin and the pain will be much worse as well.

Spray vitamin E oil over affected skin if you do not have any aloe on hand. This not only helps with nurturing damaged skin cells and diminishing the pain but to help the skin from drying out and peeling too. Even baking soda as a paste will control pain and increase healing.

Believe it or not, herbal tea is actually used in the soothing of sun burned skin as well. Combine peppermint, calendula and lavender leaves that are dried and make a tea. Then you should let tea cool and soak a thin cloth in it wringing out slightly, you want to keep as much of the wetness in cloth as possible.

Oatmeal can be used as well not only for the properties for healing and soothing skin but for giving it nourishment with B vitamins which is needed after it is burned. Oatmeal should be soaked in some water that is hot and then cooled before it is applied.

Cucumbers are also very good at soothing and cooling down the skin and giving you some ease from pain. Slice them after they have been chilled until they are really cool to touch. Then apply the slices to the skin directly. This is easy to do and works great.

Buttermilk and cold milk can be used as a way to cool and promote healing on skin. Use cotton balls or a thin cloth to soak in milk and then carefully apply onto skin. The drawback to this is that if you do not wash it off in the evening before bed you will smell pretty bad like dairy that is spoiled.

Still the most favored of all these helpful home remedies is the aloe vera for sunburn. Plants also look very good in kitchen window sills and will be on hand for those unexpected kitchen minor burns as well. All you will have to do is snip off a stem and rub on finger or hand.

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