Altruism vs. Exploitation: is it Lawful?

About 5 years ago I was one of the thousands of aspiring nursing students in my country (Philippines) hoping and dreaming to lend a better job and better future. Better lob ABROAD; yes a job abroad. This is one of the possible reasons why there are plenty of parents/guardian who wants to send their children to a nursing school, wit6hout knowing the opportunities of the nursing profession in the Philippines, and without even thinking and asking themselves these questions. Will my child like the nursing profession? And if my child becomes a registered nurse in the Philippines and can’t go abroad will he/she still have a better future in the Philippines? And, thus nursing profession in the Philippines is well protected and well funded by our government?

Definitely 5 years, 4 years in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program and a year for the review, exam, waiting for the exam result, and be employed (hopefully) or work as a volunteer nurse (most probably). This is the usual cycle of every nurse graduates, but tere are some who took the board exam 2 months after graduation.

Now that you are already a registered nurse you definitely like the nursing profession. But recently the countries who are hiring thousands of nurses for their countrymen before is experiencing retrogression. the possible options of a newly registered nurse is to be employed here as a nurse (hopefully) or work as a volunteer (most likely to happen) until those countries hires again foreign nurses.

Thus nursing profession in the Philippines well protected? Protected yes, but well protected???? Hmmmnnnn… as far as I have noticed (please correct me if I’m wrong) the only profession in the country that is working without pay or even allowance is the volunteer nurses in the government hospitals (I am not sure if this also applies to private hospitals). Absolutely volunteer nurses. And these volunteer nurses happens just to be a certified and registered nurses who are offering themselves to take care of other people. Do these profession don’t deserve a salary or even allowance?? (knocking on the doors of the government officials)

Being altruistic, this has been part of the nursing profession. Yes, it is part oif the nursing profession but not to the extent being exploited, abused, and neglected; how about the needs of us nurses is it fully meet? You can’t even see a group of nurses in the Philippines who are on the streets boycotting the patients for a rally. That’s how altuistic and loyal Filipino Nurses are.

These nurses are the one in the first line on the field when there is a disease outbreak (like SARS, AH1N1) sacrificing themselves to protect , give information, and take care of those people who where infected. Is health care in the Philippines well funded? Funded, YES! But WELL funded??? Hmmmnnn…. For those who have not been to a government hospital , I recommend you to go personally visit and see it for your self. And for those who have been their and personally witnessed the scenario specially in the ward area, what can you say?

I am not discouraging those individuals who wants to take up nursing as their profession. Indeed I am writing this to help us be aware, think voice out our concerns and be inspire to fight for what is deservingly right and just.

Hope these government officials will also learn and practice the work of a altruistic healtcare professional. Probably, corruption is least likely rampant to happen in our country. Philippines.

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