An Act of Courage

True service is seen in the people who work hard for the benefit of others regardless of how small the pay may be. Most of them are sometimes misunderstood, often discriminated for choosing a simple job compared to other members of the healthcare team who decided to work abroad where the money is good. As for me, community health nursing is one of the most underrated professions in the world.

It’s not easy being a public health nurse. You have to monitor every patient you have in the community; from children with incomplete immunizations to patients who are under the DOTS program of the DOH who fail to comply to their medication again and again.

I am one of the Registered Nurse for Health Enhancement and Local Services (RNheals). During my first month in the RHU, I was a bit surprised to see the genuine care of the public health nurses and midwives to the people in the community. Everyone is so concerned with the people that they never tire of doing everything they can just to improve the health of their patients. They have this remarkable humility in their hearts to reach out to all the people in the community in order to improve their quality of their lives in their own simple ways.

To most people, it may not be the best job in the world but for me, it is one of the toughest jobs ever. These nurses are one of the few who have opted for the bravest decision—to help improve not just the health but also the quality of life of the people in the community. I have never seen such dedication and love for work as I have seen in these nurses and midwives and the rest of the health care team.

The best thing I’ve learned in the RHU is that it doesn’t matter how big or how small your role is when it comes to serving others. It is by how much love you have put into everything you’ve done that makes a big difference in the lives that you have touched. And that alone, that feeling, that simple “Thank You” from the patients, that knowing you have helped change someone’s life by imparting to them unerringly and wholeheartedly the knowledge that you have learned, together with a vigorous heart full of compassion, it is way above the highest salary the world could ever pay me.

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  • saudi-phil rn

    ME ALSO, I wanted to be a PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE, that is my ultimate dream, and no matter what how much small the salary is, still i really wanted to be a public servant nurse. I hope someday that I can able to work in philippines as a PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE….may GOD will bless us all…..NURSES….

  • saudi-phil rn

    to pamela guerra: nakaka-inspire naman ung article mo, ako rin, gusto ko tlaga mging public healthnurse, kahit offeran pa ko ng malakng sahod here in abroad, mas pipiliin ko pa rin makapagwork as PHN, kahit maliit lang ang sahod, ok lang mabiyan lang ako ng chance. yun kc talaga ang ultimate dream ko kaya nag-nursing ako. Sana mabigyan ako ng opportunity na makapgwork as Public health nurse balang araw

  • John David Massey

    What a wonderful post. I have worked in the hospitals on medical surgical units, organ transplant units and in long term care but there is nothing like community health nursing. I am not longer practicing due to health issues however I salute all of those who wade into the unknown as public health nurses. Great post!