“Andiyan Ka Naman”, Said Someone

Bus ride (Photo credit: extraordinary.smart)
Bus ride (Photo credit: extraordinary.smart)
Bus ride (Photo credit: extraordinary.smart)
Bus ride (Photo credit: extraordinary.smart)

I was heading home last week after my follow up with the office. I was dead tired that day for attending a seminar and confirming something with my boss. I just wanted to have some music tripping while on the bus to make myself relax a little. I got my usual seat, and a drink in hand. It was fine until someone asked me if he can join me in the seat. I nod of course, unless I would pay for two.

I was about to get my Ipod, but this guy seated next to me asked “taga (name of subdivision) ka ba?”. As I nod, he continued “familiar ka”. I smiled to him and wondered if I know him but he didn’t even look familiar. I turned my head to side so that I was facing the window but he kept on asking me things. Like where did I have my elementary, high school and college. I don’t want to be called impolite so I answered every question as brief as I could. He then jumped to the college topic (we had the same university and same course awfully, just that he was two years ahead of me). He even told me about the sex scandal that our school had been through. I don’t know if it was real about dragging a professor’s name on it. He hated the professor so much that I sort of doubt it.

After telling the whole bus that old gossip (his voice was loud enough so everyone could hear), he then talked about his girl. He said that his girlfriend was acting so cold these days, probably because he was going out of the country to work. He got a feeling that she will break up on him before he goes to Europe and added “andiyan ka naman eh”. I was actually shocked when it got to my senses, but I thought that he might be kidding. They were going steady for almost six years. He even said that the girl had betrayed him for four times already but he forgave her for the reason the he loved her. But this time he told me that he wouldn’t hold on to her once she’d let him go and added again “andiyan ka naman”. He stretched out his hand for me and introduced himself. He brought out his phone and asked for my number and Facebook. He was also about to ask me my exact address, but I interrupted him by telling that I still have some business to settle and that I could not yet go home. He smiled and said that he will text me for sure. It was a relief when he got off the bus. I sighed for the thought that I really want to go home and sleep, but because I don’t want to let him know where my house is, I have to go somewhere else while in fact I don’t have anything to settle with nor place to go to.

After I bought coffee, I had gone home. I was thinking before I sleep. What was that guy up to? He has a girl then he wanted to flirt? Was he thinking that I am an easy girl? I don’t want to criticize him but I can’t help it. If he really loves that girl, he should hold on to her right? Or if he doesn’t want her anymore, then have the guts to tell her. Yeah, he got a feeling that the girl might break up with him. But is it appropriate to just confirm it first, totally out of the trouble before he court or flirt other girl? At first I was feeling guilty for what I did. He asked for my number and I gave him my number, my old number that was lost a year ago. He asked my fb and I gave him my fb, the one I made just for the sake of fun and not really my real Facebook.

I am single and I don’t need troubled guys. Why is it that guys need replacement first before dumping the one they have in hand? They have the confidence to tell girls they liked them but don’t have when it comes on saying its over? Are guys supposed to talk a lot? Don’t hesitate to tell a stranger that his girl betrayed him four times? Aren’t he supposed to protect her for the fact that they are still together? Parang hindi lalaki.

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