ANG NARS: The Voice and Strength of Filipino Nurses

Ang Nars (Photo credit: nurseupdates)
Ang Nars (Photo credit: nurseupdates)
Ang Nars (Photo credit:  nurseupdates)
Ang Nars (Photo credit: nurseupdates)

With the recent news articles and television airtime featuring ANG NARS Inc., the approved party-list group for nurses by the COMELEC for the 2013 national elections, thousands of nurses became awakened and inspired, and more determined than ever. Read below to see why you should support ANG NARS, and its battle as advocates of Filipino nurses.

A Legit Organization for Filipino Nurses, by Filipino Nurses

Valued as a non-stock, non-profit advocate organization registered under Securities and Exchange Commission, ANG NARS: National is lead by Leah Primitiva G. Samaco-Paquiz, a Filipino nurse well-known for her leadership in various nursing organizations in the country. Founded last 2008, ANG NARS aims to gather Filipino nurses and promote their social, political, economic, and professional rights. The organization also intends to have Ang Nars Satellite Offices(ANSO) in most parts of the country, as well as mobilize its members in different committees, missions, and emergency teams.

One advocacy that is note-worthy of this organization is the Stop Nurse Exploitation Campaign. Through various media such as the internet, newspapers, radio programs, and television interviews, ANG NARS aggressively expresses the need for action in encouraging nurses to avoid being subjects of exploitation by various healthcare institutions, and fighting for the right pay that Filipino nurses deserve. To further advance this advocacy, several movements have been done by ANG NARS to reach the campaign’s goal, such as signature campaigns, communicating with Department of Health officials, lobbying to the Congress, and forming a party-list group to represent nurses, the latest and one of the most effective milestones that the organization has attained.

Membership Support, Education, and Employment

With approximately over 700,000 Filipino nurses, ANG NARS encourages membership and participation within the group’s committees, missions, and movement groups. With the vision of being the vanguard for the rights of nurses towards sustained policy actions, ANG NARS will definitely be effective with the help of its core, the nursing professionals that efficiently contribute to the country’s healthcare system. Aside from this, the organization, being centralized and decentralized at the same time through strong leadership and spread-out influence all throughout the country’s regions, willfully supports educating its members in various essential topics such as nurses’ rights, awareness in legislation, and responsible practice of profession.

ANG NARS acknowledges the realistic time-frame of program development in creation of Plantilla Positions for Nurses, thus encouraging nurses to create opportunities for employment, and extend nursing care outside the walls of hospitals. With concepts such as the ANG NARS Clinic, and Nurses to the Barangays, the organization commits itself in extending and improving the efficiency of the healthcare delivery system of the country, whether through their own means, or through program development.

Representation and Mobilization of Nurses for Positive Change

The recently approved Ang Nars Inc. party-list, which includes Leah Primitiva Samaco-Paquiz, Lydia Arco Palaypay, Chris Gonzales Sorongon, Caridad Moncal Galban and Anna Marie Acorda-Kapunan, aims to bridge the advocacy of Ang Nars: National towards legislation. The organization describes itself as primarily an advocate organization, but acknowledges the importance of representation of nurses in the Congress. In the coming 2013 elections, ANG NARS encourages Filipino nurses, as well as individuals concerned in the healthcare status of our country, in supporting the party-list and further advancing the movement of the organization.

Whether you are a Filipino nurse or not, there is a big chance that at least one of your friends, and relatives is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Philippine Registered Nurse, or a practicing nurse professional in one of the healthcare institutions of the country. Ask them if they are aware of ANG NARS. If not, you might want to share the organization’s advocacy, because not only does it benefit them, but also the nursing profession and healthcare system which are major pillars that hold this country together.

More information about ANG NARS can be found here:

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  • My vote will surely go to this party-list. Filipino nurses are in dire need of more representatives in the government. Hope they can greatly help improve the situation of nurses in the Philippines.

  • Tingnan lang natin kung ano mangyayari sa party list na ito.Hopefully, this one would be an effective and active organization and would produce great results.