Apple Nutrition And You

(Photo Credit: Mashable)
(Photo Credit:  Mashable)
(Photo Credit: Mashable)

Apples are one of the few fruits that do find their way into the average American diet. If you don’t currently eat apples, you may be doing your body a disservice.

Take for instance the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Taking a closer look at the benefits that this fruit offers might help to open your eyes and improve your overall health.

Apples come in a wide variety such as granny smith, honey crisp, Fuji, gala, red delicious and more. Everyone seems to have their favorite as apples can vary widely in flavor from the super sweet to the tart.

An interesting fact, apples are of the Rose family of plants and are round and usually have green, red or pink colored skins. You can eat them raw or as some people do, bake them into a pie.

Apples are also packed with health benefits, such as anti-cancer benefits. Apples are rich in flavonoids, especially the skins, which can help reduce the risks of breast cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer and others.

To add to that, the vitamins and minerals found in this wonderous fruit also help to lower the risk of diabetes, help in reducing cholesterol and they help to keep you in great shape. The fiber alone helps to rid your system of fats which also helps to stop plaque from building up and, it also helps in keeping blood sugars level.

Apples also do a lot more for your overall health and looks – such as keeping your smile healthier, stopping the formation of gallstones, helping to protect you from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, stopping irritable bowel syndrome, boosting up your immune system, preventing cataracts, and helping you get control of your weight. No wonder your mother always told you to eat your apples!

If they are not part of your daily diet, you might want to reconsider. One of the best things you can do is add apples to your daily diet, they don’t need any preparation, there is a wide variety and you don’t need a fork or a spoon. You can add them to a salad or liven things up and add them to a main dish. You can even make your own healthy smoothie.

Apples are the tastiest “healthy” food in your grocery store. So how do you like ‘dem apples? Very much, actually!

Jessie Atkinson writes about apple nutrition at Apple Nutrition. Jessie also covers avocado nutrition at Avocado Nutrition.

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