My Nursing Career: A Reflection

I belong to the old generation of nurses. I am now a retired nurse but my nursing profession left me a legacy and priceless memories to cherish for a lifetime! I have to admit that I took up nursing because of peer pressure and the notion at that time that it will take me to the land of milk and honey, that is the United States of America! Indeed, I graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1973 after 5 years of mostly sleepless nights studying and some obstacles of tight budget! I worked in my Alma Mater’s hospital for a year. Here, I realized that nursing as a career needs hard work, dedication and commitment in order to serve the patients who needed my service to promote their well being. To be a successful nurse, you need to like and love your job, otherwise it won’t get you nowhere. 

After a year, I fulfilled my dream of landing in the USA, and other 3 countries as well! I experienced all the types of nursing care to different types of patients. I learned how to be compassionate and understanding to them. Patients’ need are universal regardless of their country of origin….that is they need the tender loving care of a nurse.

The theories I learned from the university were not enough to execute my duties as a nurse. I had to attend a lot of in service education and other courses to enhance my knowledge and that was on ongoing process throughout my nursing practice. In addition, I had to have a strong mind and determination to learn all those nursing techniques and skills. I must say that my efforts paid off. Modesty set aside, I received promotions from being a regular staff nurse to Assistant Director in Nursing in the Critical Care Areas.

During the later part of my nursing career, and I considered as my defining moments, was the training of young nurses under my supervision to be successful critical care nurses and are now employed mostly in other Middle East countries and some to the USA and United Kingdom! It is very heartwarming to read comments from those nurses and appreciated the experience they learned from me.

I maybe retired, but I am contented knowing that the nurses I have worked with are continuing the care to those patients who are in need of acute and emergency nursing care under prudent nursing practice.

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  • je

    I salute to the old generation of nurses who left their legacy a priceless one. If the new generation can follow this it is still a boast to the nursing profession.
    I may consider myself the mid generation of the nursing profession since I belong to the last batch of the 5 years curricullum.God was also grateful enough that I was able to practice my profession after I graduated,maybe its because my parents need a helping hand to support my siblings ,though they don’t obliged me.But I was a great help to my family, up to now I am still working outside the country,and soon settle myself comfortably when my daughter will finish her course which is not the same as my profession.
    The old generation of nurses are the role model which the new generation must look back.

    • Thank you very much Je for your heartwarming reply! We are all nurses, and in the end we have only one goal in mind… fulfill our “Florence Nightingale Pledge”…..and that itself make us different from other profession!!!

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