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Health Naturally Magazine issue number 4
Health Naturally Magazine issue number 4
Health Naturally Magazine issue number 4
Health Naturally Magazine issue number 4

Health Naturally Magazine has done it again. In a sneak preview of their next release, we see that they continue to bring in-depth articles that delve deep into natural therapies for some very serious health issues. This digital magazine is read on an Apple iPad.

One of the health issues that has become increasingly concerning for baby boomers and their children is Alzheimer’s disease. An article by Dr Bruce Fife explores a natural treatment that is effective and fast at not only arresting the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, but also reversing some of the symptoms.  A really great part of this treatment is that it is not expensive and relatively easy to implement.

There is also a follow up on an article written by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride on what she has called G.A.P.S., an acronym for Gut and Psychology Syndrome.  This article explores the causes of some serious mental issues like autism, ADD/ADHD, schizophrenia, dyslexia and depression from a new perspective. According to Dr. Campbell-McBride, these serious conditions are all linked to our gut and its bacterial flora. She explains the link and sheds some light on natural and effective treatments.

In an article written by Sherry Brescia the reader can learn why gluten has become such a big problem for so many people today. Given the extent of foods labelled as “Gluten Free”, it has become obvious that gluten intolerance is a huge problem. Many restaurants are including gluten free choices on their menus.

There is an article on “The Buteyko Method” which was developed by Russian doctor Konstanin Buteyko in the 1950’s.  This looks at the relationship between the way we breath and the effects it can have on our bodies. In his article, Patrick McKeown, M.A(TCD) explains cranio-facial changes and mouth breathing.  The article focuses on children, how they breathe and the effects that mouth-breathing can have on their health if not corrected. Physical changes take place in the structure of the face and skull which have many flow-on effects for a child’s well-being.

There are many other parts to this magazine that make it unique. It is a digital magazine that allows information to be conveyed differently. Video content is a regular feature, giving readers a deeper understanding of the health issues presented in the magazine. Slide shows can also be accessed within the magazine. This relatively new magazine is found on the Apple Newstand and is available on all versions of the Apple iPad.  The articles tend to be more in-depth, written by professionals in their field with references to back them up.

A recent reader left this review with Apple – “Best Health Magazine I’ve seen ever — 5 stars.  This magazine offers detailed and in-depth information on the pertinent issues that are current today. This is not the surface rhetoric that I usually see. This is a full-blown clear approach on every issue. Plus they actually validate the information by acknowledging the authors whom appear to be highly qualified.

The first issue helped us turn the corner on three separate issues that we had been searching the Internet trying to resolve. This fills in the gap between our doctor’s knowledge and the guessing we have been doing trying not to just manage our health but live our best lives. Just maybe with help like this we will actually get to retirement and be able to enjoy what we have worked so hard for.

I sincerely applaud the editors and highly recommend this to everyone who wants to live a full and long life!”  – Sue Johnson  USA

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