Attitude And Characteristic Of A Great Nurse


Being a nurse is a demanding, time consuming, stressing but rewarding career or profession. Being a nurse requires you to give all what you can physically and emotionally give to your patients and even to your co-nurses. This kind of giving out makes it a kind of job that is really draining and exhausting.

As we all know, Filipino nurses are known to be tough (not being drained, exhausted or angered easily) on work but soft and caring to their patients. Below are some good traits that I think what great nurses, especially Filipino nurses possess.

Superb Emotion Control

Nurses needs to be emotionally strong. They need this kind of trait for them to help and treat their patients the way they have to be treated. For example, if a patient is suffering from a certain pain or disease, the nurse in charge of him or her must learn how to control his/her emotion and be strong for the patient to know that everything will be alright. Also, family problems must be left behind upon doing nurse related work.


Being flexible enough, in terms of time and location of when or where the treatment should be done is a good nurse trait to have. Good nurses must have this kind of flexibility for them to be able to treat their patient at any given situation or circumstances. Also, a nurse duty or responsibility changes a lot day in and day out. Great nurse must learn to adjust and be flexible enough to deal with any changes that can occur.

Good Communication Skills

Great nurses needs to have good communication skills. They need to speak and write well in a comprehensible manner for their patients and the doctors or nurses overseeing the patient. They also need to know the proper way of communicating with the immediate family of any patient if certain problem arise while the patient is in their care. Nurses with good communication skills can save lives the more than those who doesn’t have it.

Physically Fit And Ready

Having a good, fit and able body of nurses, male or female is a must too!. Nurses do often need to stay awake and alert while on duty. Most of the time, they stand up for more than 8 hours or so (depending on the situation and surroundings) just to treat and help patients. Also, proper length of sleep is a good thing to have to be able to become a physically fit and ready nurse that other people can count on.

The above traits and characteristics are just few of the many things that defines a great nurse. For sure, you have your own take or idea about this. If you have something to add, feel free to add it via the comment section below.

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