April 8, 2011 Jo Cerrudo 4

5/6/2013 Reposting: The stories may be different for other fields; you may have different favorite things. The fact remains: Nursing is an awesome profession. HAPPY NURSES WEEK!!!!

Nurses always have a euphoric response to bulging veins, the ones which bulge before you even apply a tourniquet. No 22-gauge angiocathethers, no need for a vein probe, no need to call our vein expert. Just that quick pop, a gentle slide into a vein and Yes, you’re home.

Alone On New Year’s Eve

December 26, 2010 Jo Cerrudo 3

Jenny was supposed to spend this New Year’s Eve with someone special. She thought that Reese would break through the defenses she had put up, but just last week, she finally conceded that their relationship was not meant to be.

Jenny, once again, was alone on New Year’s Eve.

Cooling and Saving Lives (Induced Hypothermia)

November 28, 2010 Jo Cerrudo 4

The patient was only 18 years old; much too young to die. “Oscar” just wanted to get some extra money for a date with his girlfriend of six months. But he fell off the ladder while at his construction work after a live electric cable rendered him unconscious and stopped his heart. His co-workers had confirmed that he fell onto a tent. There was no head injury but the electric shock caused his heart to go into ventricular fibrillation.

The Soldier, the Nurse, and the Skyline Pigeon (Part 1)

November 12, 2010 Jo Cerrudo 22

He had only one eye. And he was my real big crush as a 19 year-old student nurse in a military hospital in the Philippines…Sporting a black patch over his left eye, just like a handsome pirate, Sammy brought out his guitar and sang “our song”. “Skyline Pigeon” is not a love song but it felt like one to me. Then he winked at me.

Caring for Mr. G (Frequent Flier)

October 23, 2010 Jo Cerrudo 2

It was a beautiful gesture, something that reaffirmed my faith that, whatever reasons that have made us choose nursing as a profession, the one true thing is that we do care.

Pedro and his Mets cap (When the Boy’s Heart Stopped)

October 13, 2010 Jo Cerrudo 12

“This is EMS. You’re getting a 9-year old boy in traumatic arrest after a direct blow to the chest with a baseball. He’s intubated; we’ll be there in 2 minutes. ” My hands shook when I replaced the EMS notification phone.

The baseball stunned our patient’s heart, and it was being squeezed to life by the frantic efforts of the paramedics. A nightmare coming to our doorsteps.


September 28, 2010 Jo Cerrudo 4

We stood at the bedside and shared each other’s anger. The thought of the carnage this man left behind made me recoil in disgust. I felt a need to cry; bile rose up in my throat. Even in repose, this man’s face looked so evil, almost satanic. Despite all the repulsion I felt, I had no choice; I had to take care of this patient. My training and my ethical responsibility will ensure that I give this patient the best of care, no matter what.


August 28, 2010 Jo Cerrudo 11

“Imagine being born without arms. No arms to wrap around a friend ; no hands to hold the ones you love; no fingers to experience touch ; no way to lift or carry things.” – Nicholas Vujicic

I have learned long ago to count my blessings.

Letting Go

August 18, 2010 Jo Cerrudo 25

I became a nurse and came face to face with the harsh realities of death. Suddenly, the finality of it forced me to see us as the mortals we are. I dealt with my patients’ dying by maintaining a “qué será será” attitude. It didn’t mean losing my humanity; it didn’t mean that I cared less for my patients. It just meant survival for me in a profession that sees a lot of suffering and death.