Best nurse (Photo credit: greenfin)

The Best Nurse

October 23, 2012 timgurl 0

All are clapping their hands, cheering out loud. The best nurse of the year was announced. They called her, she was surprised as if she […]

A special child (Photo credit: flickr)


July 5, 2012 timgurl 0

I do believe that I am a strong person with a heart of stone. I am a nurse and I really need to have one, […]

Help! (Photo credit: Father and child (Photo credit: screwattack)


June 14, 2012 timgurl 0

“Easier said than done” – the best quote that suddenly popped up on my mind at this very moment. Why? Because of these people around […]

Nurse's Cap (Photo credit: media.photobucket)

Nurse’s Cap

June 7, 2012 timgurl 0

Dear Cap, Since I left the Phillippines, and flew to K.S.A. for my career growth, everything had changed. All is different – my environment, my […]

Nurse in scrub suit (Photo credit: blogappetite)

Lady in Scrub

May 31, 2012 timgurl 3

 One time, I was from duty, so tired that I did not change my scrub suit with my white uniform and left the hospital. I […]


May 25, 2012 timgurl 2

It is very arduous for a mother to get separated from her newly born baby. It has a big effect emotionally and mentally. But, the […]

perfect hands

May 13, 2012 timgurl 1

I’ve always wanted to have beautiful hands, so soft and smooth. But mind you, I never dreamt to be a commercial model for hand lotions […]

The Brighter Side

April 30, 2012 timgurl 0

“Everything happens for reason”.  A popular cliché that is always on my mind. A doctor once told me, “Nurses are the backbone of medical profession”, […]

The Good Doctor

March 1, 2012 timgurl 12

What a nightmare.. My credibility as a nurse was once questioned.. A doctor exclaimed with a loud voice “NURSE ka ba talaga?”. Nagpantig ang mga […]

The “Blind” Smile

February 12, 2012 timgurl 1

I am friendly to my patients and their watchers because I want them to feel comfortable and I’d like to earn their trust through building […]