From Nurse To Teacher.

Have you ever tried to be different? Or you are just conforming and settling on what you possess now?

The thing is, after taking up BSN, passing NLE, and becoming an RN, do you think that its sufficient and enough for you to face the competitions and tough fight for employement here in the Philippines?

The answer is a big “NO” for we have two sets of board examination for nurses every year and unfortunately, thousands of newly registered nurses are having a hard time finding a job that will fit to their career. This is the reason why many of our nurses are applying at BPO (Call Centers), having their graveyard shifts and thinking that this is the best job to support both personal and family finances.

As a Filipino nurse, everyone must strive for excellence and make a difference.

How and Why?

It will be this way: Taking up Masters degree would be one of the nicest thing that you should take but there is a little assurance of grabbing an opportunity to work because you’re still lacking with clinical experience and the colleges for Nursing are not accepting faculties and clinical instructors anymore because of the decline in nursing enrollment.

If you want improvement, you need to strive for the betterment of your self.  After taking up Nursing in college, I took up units in Education. I still remember the time that I am one of the thousands of Filipinos who were in a deep agony due to “Ondoy” typhoon. We were the first and probably the last batch who took the Licensure Examination for Teachers . After waiting for several months, thank God and it was really a big blessing that I passed the exam; my major was “Biological Science” and so with the other Medical professionals who wanted to take the boards. The reason why I’m suggesting that Nurses must also take Units in Education is just simpl. First, if you want to become a Lecturer or Clinical Instructor someday, you may use the strategies and capabilities of being a teacher. Second, after passing the board exam for teachers, you can have an opportunity to work as a Public School Teache; you have very impressive credentials for you are not only an RN but also a Professional Teacher. Lastly, the moment the demands for registered nurses become evident again, you now have a fall back and the choice to pursue your real passion which is to care for other people.

Nursing and Teaching are two vocations that can overlap with one another and having those two professions in YOU, will produce good output and you may eventually realize the price that you’ve paid in making a difference.

Start to make a difference and move on. Ask for God’s guidance and have your own vision and dream.

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  • Kath

    I’m also planning to take up educ… But d other half of my mind is telling me ‘abroad na!’…hmm which is which..

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  • persian

    I’ve been thinking about this. Thanks for the info Mr. Tuazon. Where did you take up your educ. units? Mga ilang semester pa po ba ang kelangan for a nurse to be allowed to take the teachers board?

    • kath

      you need to take 6 more subjects in educ to graduate.. better if you inquire directly in the PRC office. They will give you your subjects.

    • Marvin A. Tuazon

      Naka 2 semesters po ako nung nag take ako ng units. When do you plan to take the units po?

  • persian

    ok copy! thank u kath.