Believe–and everything else follows

Sometimes, not all our wants, dreams and aspirations happen in a blink of an eye. There are even times when it takes a very long time for it to happen and come true, but at least, the first step in achieving anything that we would want to happen is to believe. And then everything else follows. Let me share to you a post I made 3 years ago. I hope this will inspire you never to give but instead, believe in the power of believing and making it happen. 🙂 Original post can be find here.

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It is true that we should be aware first of what our personal calling is. Each one of us has his/her own destiny to fulfill and a path that we should or ought to take. However, only a few of us choose to follow that road because of certain hindrances. What are these hindrances? According to the story The Alchemist, (which is, by the way, another favorite book of mine, tells us a fable about following our dreams) people tend to turn their backs or forget about their dreams not because that dream is not worth fighting for, but rather, because there is somewhat a series of obstacles that hinders them:

1. First, we are taught from childhood that everything we want to do is impossible, that’s why even if we wanted to do something, something pulls us back, telling us that it might not work after all; and thus, we are hindered by this misleading fact.

2. LOVE.
If we pass the first obstacle in fulfilling our dreams, then comes love. Even if we know and came to realize what we really want to do, we tend to become afraid of hurting the ones we love by leaving them to continue our search/ searching for and going after our dreams that is why sometimes, people give up easily. They give up easily and play safe just so they can stay by their loved ones’ side which I think is wrong.

After reading the novel, I learned and realized that LOVE should not, and should NEVER be an obstacle; but instead, we should consider it as an encouragement, an inspiration, an impetus, not something that will stop us from continuing forward.

*Take for example one character in that story, Fatima. She loves Santiago but them she didn’t stop him from continuing his journey to the pyramids of Egypt and told him that she will wait for him until he gets back. She didn’t stop him nor make him choose between her and going to Egypt. It shows us that those people who genuinely love us wants us to be happy and are willing to accompany us in our life-long journey. Yes, it might be a little hard to both parties that they have to be apart from each other, but that doesn’t mean that its the end. Its just that, they will go their separate ways for a while so that they can grow as a person. People who genuinely love us are by means willing to do that, why? SIMPLE. Because they love us and want the best for us. 🙂

3. Fear.
Third is fear. The novel points out that not everyone resolves to attain their special destiny because it takes every ounce of COURAGE that you’ve have and also PERSISTENCE. I know that the path toward our dreams is not an easy path nor a bed of roses. It is strewn with rocks of uncertainty and thorns of failure, but we should not be afraid to take risks and try new things and alternatives. Think of it this way, why be afraid of doing something and failing when you are not even sure if you’ll fail, right?

You only have one life to live so why not do it the way you want it to and experience the things that you never thought would actually happen? Only through that, will you become a better and more mature person than you already are. All you need to have is the determination to get what we we want and be undeterred; surely, we are to taste sweet success of gaining your heart’s desire. 🙂
4. And the last obstacle that we have to face is the fear of realizing that we have wanted all our lives.
Sometimes, we feel that once we get what we really want, we start to think that we don’t deserve it. Why? It’s because we are having a feeling of guilt for those people around us who failed to get the same dream and failed to get what they also want all their lives and we start to think that we don’t deserve to get what we want either, which is wrong. Each and every one of us is unique in his/her own way so each of us have different strategies to get what we want. The only difference is that, we were able to reach and attain our dreams first, for me, I believe everything happens in their own time, when the timing is perfect, when the timing is right. Maybe it’s still not the time for them to reach their dreams, maybe today is yours, but one thing is for sure, they too, will reach and fulfill their dreams in the right time that’s why we should not be feeling guilty for others. We should be confident that we have given our best to get that certain thing that’s why we are able to do so. God loves us very much that He wants what’s best for us that’s why He gives it to us in His own time.

Nothing is impossible as long as we wish it with all heart, believe in ourselves and trust in the power of dreams. 🙂

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