Publikong Nars

November 2, 2013 abrilmayo 0

This made my day… (At my Health Center, me and my barangay health workers..) BHW: Ma’am jane,(they are used to calling me by my second […]


October 28, 2013 Alon Calinao Dy 0

Kuwait, officially known as The State of Kuwait, is a small, rich, and wonderful country in the Middle East. It is a constitutional monarchy with […]

MSG Causing Obesity

March 31, 2013 Hisprincess 1

Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG) is causing obesity. This is the headline grabbing so much attention these days. I thought I would take a deeper look […]

Nurses’ Shoe

March 13, 2013 ugly monkey 0

Politics and Freedom of Speech has always been a part of the Filipino culture, it rouses at the same time when our ancestors have learned […]

Nursing Heroes

February 13, 2013 Jo Cerrudo 5

When disaster strikes, heroes emerge. Nurses do great things every day. MENCHU DELUNA SANCHEZ, a Filipino registered nurse in NYU-Langone, organized a group of medical professionals to carry 20 critical babies down nine flights of stairs, with illuminations from cellphones to guide their way.

As part of their daily lives, they care for their patients under-paid and under-staffed. But in extreme circumstances, a few nurses shine more than others. It is so heartwarming that the nurses are finally getting their spotlight.


December 14, 2012 Jo Cerrudo 0

Twenty innocent children, along with six adults, killed by gunfire in Newtown, Connecticut.
It is a senseless tragedy that defies any explanation or understanding. And because this time, the kids fell victim to one man’s insanity, the nation shares in the heartbreak.
The healing will be a difficult and lonely road.