“You Must Be Kidding”

January 18, 2014 Jo Cerrudo 0

“You must be kidding!!!!“

The ER is a very funny place. There are things here that defy explanations and stories that are just too crazy to be true. But if it happened in the ER, it must be true. We don’t make these things up.

Quotes for Nurses.. :)

January 8, 2014 Nurse Z. 0

When life gets tough, be tougher. As nurses, we are already used to a hectic day, changing shift schedules, and cranky patients (and sometimes, even […]

Happiness… to an ER Nurse

September 7, 2013 Jo Cerrudo 0

An ER nurse is a special breed. The ridiculous complaints at triage make one appreciate the small things that make life in the ER not just tolerable but have actually induced a chuckle or two. Tongue-in-cheek humor; anything to brighten the day and to lighten the load.

Funny Thanksgiving

November 22, 2012 Jo Cerrudo 1

On this Thanksgiving Day, especially after Hurricane Sandy, there seems to be a need to give thanks for the simple things in life. For family and friends. For our health and safety. For everything else that God provides.

For those things that make us smile. And laugh out loud.

Anatomy of Love (Credits: ktsloveandlaughter.blogspot.com)

Anatomy of Love

September 8, 2012 Mga-sulat-kamay 0

It was one of the unfortunate nights, power is down, at sa ‘di maipaliwanag na dahilan, nababaliw yata ang generations ng mga taong laki sa […]

Wanted: Boarders

September 6, 2012 Mga-sulat-kamay 0

June na naman. Alam naman natin kung ano ibig sabihin nito, ang katapusan ng maliligayang araw ng mabubuti at ulirang mag-aaral. Wala ng one–to-sawang panonood […]