Pediculosis: Oh My, LICE!

November 27, 2013 Nurse Z. 0

Lice affect people of all ages. Lice (s.louse) also known as “kuto” in Tagalog are small, wingless parasitic insects that depends on human blood for […]

The Twins

July 29, 2013 Jo Cerrudo 0

The twins would have been 25 today.
July 30, 1988. It was a day that began with hope and ended in despair. Everyday thereafter is a struggle to bury the memories of the pains, the heartaches. Twenty-five years ago, it felt that the world had stopped and nothing else mattered, she wondered, “What is the point of it all? “.

Dealing with Late Pregnancy

September 9, 2012 wong.nikko 1

Based on the different articles, researches, and tests in today’s medical technology, there is no guarantee to gauge a woman’s pregnancy probability. The best way […]