STRONGER- When nurses become victims…

July 31, 2012 Jo Cerrudo 1

Her face bore the bruises that could not be hidden any much longer. The abuse had escalated.

A few months ago, her discolored arms were concealed underneath the long-sleeved tops; her face a picture of contentment and happiness. With beautiful twin daughters and a hunky young son, a thriving career, and a successful, seemingly loving husband, she was the antithesis of a battered woman.

Help! (Photo credit: Father and child (Photo credit: screwattack)


June 14, 2012 timgurl 0

“Easier said than done” – the best quote that suddenly popped up on my mind at this very moment. Why? Because of these people around […]


May 25, 2012 timgurl 2

It is very arduous for a mother to get separated from her newly born baby. It has a big effect emotionally and mentally. But, the […]

perfect hands

May 13, 2012 timgurl 1

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If Tomorrow Never Comes

April 15, 2012 Jo Cerrudo 6

It was the patient’s husband. He looked much older than his 40 years. His eyes were red-rimmed and exhausted in the effort to stop crying in front of his wife.
He asked, “Can anyone sing this song? It’s her request, but I just couldn’t.” His lips trembled as he proffered a sheet of paper towards the nurse.
It’s the song lyrics for the song “If Tomorrow Never Comes” by Garth Brooks. It was also recently covered by Ronan Keating.

rape victim

“Foster Home”

April 2, 2012 Mga-sulat-kamay 2

Medyo malayo pa sa natatanaw ko na mataas na gate, huminto na yung service namin na jeep. Bumaba na yung instructor namin, at nagsimulang magsalita, […]