Chocolate High: Confessions of A Chocoholic

Certified chocoholic (Photo credit: yourdictionar)
Certified chocoholic (Photo credit: yourdictionar)
Certified chocoholic (Photo credit: yourdictionar)
Certified chocoholic (Photo credit: yourdictionar)




Hershey’s Kisses.

Lindt milk chocolate.

Ferrero Rocher.


Tulo laway na naman. Uyyy… aminin mo, natatakam ka  din diba?

I just can’t help it.

My parents would always tell me I always had a sweet tooth mula pa noong maliit ako. Mawala na ang lahat sa diet ko wag lang yung sweets especially chocolates. They’re my weakness. In other words, I’m a certified CHOCOHOLIC.

Be it white chocolate, brown chocolate, dark chocolate, GAME! Kakainin ko yan (I’m not that fond of chocolates with almonds though). Probably it runs in our family since my sibs are also fond of eating chocolates (not the same as my level nga lang). Nasa EXTREME side na ata ako ng pagiging chocoholic. Iba naman kasi yung  mahilig lang sa addcicted na. My day won’t be complete if I won’t get my daily dose of it. Feeling ko kasi naghihina ako at hindi maka-function ng maayos pag walang chocolate. Exag diba? But it’s true.

Before, my co-workers thought that I MAY have an EATING DISORDER. Napagkamalan nila akong may anorexia. Kasi naman wala akong ganang kumain lagi. If ever naman kumakain ako eh kaing pusa. Yung parang maximum ng tatlong subo lang. Kaya pumapayat lang ako. Sabi ko nga kahit di na ako kumain basta makakain ako ng chocolate, I’m fine for the day. Kaya kahit walang ibang laman ang tiyan ko, basta may chocolate, BOOM! CHOCOLATE HIGH!

Here are some effects of chocolates according to research:

1. Lowers risk of heart attack and modest reduction of blood pressur e(small but regular consumption of dark chocolates). Ayan, good effect.

2. Aphrodisiac (ayan, favorite ng iba) – It’s a popular belief that chocolates are identified as aphrodisiac. Although there’s no absolute proof that it is indeed true, there’s no denying that people who eat choolate get simple sensual pleasure upon consumption. And of course let us not forget that girls LOVE to receive chocolate from their suitors (common part of the courtship ritual). In some other countries like Japan, women are the ones who give chocolates to men on Valentines Day (F.Y.I. lang. Basta common knowledge na na ang sarap ng feeling pag nakatatanggap ng chocolates). Researches show that methylxanthine blocks that receptor of adenosine. This induced blockage may lead to arousal.

3. Weight Gain (ummm… it’s not evident with me… baka exception ako. Hehe). Excessive consumption of chocolates may lead to weight gain and later on, obesity which is a factor to many cardiovascular diseases.

4. Stimulant (yooowwww… very true sa akin). Chocolates may be considered as mild stimulants due to the presence of theobromine (primary alkaloid in chocolates). This substance is also responsible for chocolates’ mood elevating effect.

5. Anti-depressant. Associated to the presence of serotonin (kaya nga diba yung mga broken hearted, depressed and emo people eh feel na feel ang drama habang kumakain ng chocolates).

There you go. These are just some effects of chocolates. Every chocoholic must keep on updating themselves on such facts.

Too much of something is indeed bad.Kaya naman I’m also trying to limit my chocolate intake every day. (I’m still on the process though. Di ko pa din kaya ang walang chocolate sa loob ng isang araw. I know it’s important to have everything in moderation. Ayoko namang isipin na my addiction with chocolates can lead me to serious conditions later on in life.

Here’s one important tip from me: Para maenjoy mo yung chocolate na kinakain mo, TAKE YOUR TIME to really taste it. Namnamin mo yung bawat kagat.

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  • Chocolate is soooo good! Always happy to read the good side of it…make me just want to eat more. 🙂

  • april13

    that’s why i can’t stop being a chocoholic 🙂