Choosing The Most Ideal Raised Toilet Seats

(Photo Credit: self-care home)
(Photo Credit: self-care home)
(Photo Credit: self-care home)

Those who are experiencing mobility issues may take advantage of raised toilet seats for an easier, safer and more convenient way of using the bathrooms. This offers a new level of independence to those may have lost it through aging, illness or injury. The elevated seats shorten the distance it takes from standing up to sitting down. In turn, this makes the job of caregivers and nurses much easier when helping the elderly use the bathroom.

There are medical conditions that makes it painful, difficult, and inconvenient to use the bathrooms. Muscle problems or issues with the knees and joints may be aggravated when one has to bend too low. Before this issue worsens, it is best to install some bathroom safety fixtures like an elevated toilet seat.

An elevated toilet seat is a portable and adjustable seat that is affixed atop standard commodes at home. This allows one to freely adjust the height of the seat to a comfortable degree. A good quality elevated support has locking systems to securely lock the seats in place. Otherwise, it could pose risks of technical failures that may lead to accidents.

If you ever decide to install the elevated support, it is important that you choose the best bathroom where to install it in. You need not furnish every comfort room with this, but only those that are frequented by the elderly. Choose the most accessible room. Since there are permanent fixtures, you have to consider other users who might not use the support as it could be a hassle for them.

Next, get the accurate figures. Make sure that the type and style of your toilet support is complementary to the commodes. Installing the wrong products may pose safety risks. The support must perfectly fit with the existing fixtures. To ensure this, it helps when you get the exact measurements.

Next, determine why you needed one. Perhaps you will be needing it to facilitate easier transfers from and to the bathroom. Or maybe you will be needing it to provide better support to those using the commodes. Pointing out your reasons for installing the fixtures would help you determine any extra features that you may need to look for, such as straps, arm rests, back rests or padded seats.

Consider the details, too. Now that you have the bigger picture, you can break down into the specifics. Check the seats’ height and weight limit. Most models can hold 250 pounds or below. If the intended user weighs more, there are fixtures with higher capacity that you can consider. Take into account the rise of the toilet seat from the floor as well. Then, calculate the additional height an elevated support contributes.

In order to pick the one that works best for you, it is highly advisable to consider several options. Do not limit the choices. Compare various providers, manufacturers and models in terms of price, features and functionality. The large retail store chains are expected to offer a wide range of options to choose from. You can also get helpful pointers by reading reviews from other consumers.

Without a doubt, there are countless benefits that the raised toilet seats bring. The most credible benefit it brings is perhaps curbing potential health problems before it gets worse. Conventional commodes may cause knee pains, knee injuries or back pains because of its low surface. Instead of spending good money for health issues and risking your family member’s safety, it is far more practical to install the fixtures instead.

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