Christmas Tradition……a Paskong Pinoy 101

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Can you feel the cold air?

Yep! Who can ignore the weather that symbolizes the fast approaching yuletide season? With Christmas carols playing in the background we can’t help but feel that we are few days away from the big DAY! :)) Houses are adorned with reds and greens, multicolored bulbs are lit , streets are decorated with colorful lanterns and parols, TV commercials sells festive products and malls showcases everything about the season. Wow! Don’t we just love the merriest time of the year? 🙂

But aside from the glitz and glam , what really is Christmas? Christmas is a symbolic feast for the coming of Jesus Christ. (since He was born centuries before calendars was even popular, who knows the exact date? :p) We celebrate the birth of the light bearer on our dark days. The body and blood who saved us from the bondage of sin, who gives hope to the lost and oppressed. The great Philosopher whose profound knowledge is formidable, the teacher whose life’s teachings and examples are divine.

This time of the year, we look forward for the long school and office vacation where people have all the time for family get together, reunions and charitable activities. To share their blessings as a sign of gratitude for His’ never ending love and providence. It is about giving and receiving. It doesn’t matter who gives more or less as long as the spirit of sharing is present. (Hmm… maybe this is why we call it present? coz the spirit is present? 😛 ) This is our way of making His love go round. 🙂

Weeks from now, children will be singing house to house carols with their make shift musical instruments out of empty milk cans and soft drink caps. And when you give them a coin or two, they will gladly sing you a thank you song. If you don’t, you’ll still get a thank you with the tune of, thank you, thank you am babarat ninyo! (thanks for being stingy) and they will run with a mighty speed hoping you won’t catch them. Well kids will be kids. :))

For adults, it is the time to buy presents to the inaanaks, monitos, monitas and children. Mostly, this is where Christmas bonus or thirteenth month pay play its part. With the mere news of the upcoming additional benefit, you’ll literally see twinkle on their eyes, matched with a smile from ear to ear in anticipation. The moment the account has been released, expect a block buster queue at ATM booths. Who can blame them? a certain bank is habitually closed on weekends and holidays. :p

For commuters, the visibility of law enforcers around Green hills, Quiapo, Baclaran, Divisoria EDSA and Taft Avenue is notable. (no need to ask why) Plus the influx of Manobos handing out envelops to passengers along Padre Faura is proliferating. The Baclaran kids are transported cart by cart to …. sell Sampaguita.* wink 😛 (Is this a circumstantial evidence to the urban legend Played by Maricel Soriano? O grimes! Boss we’ve got a lot to do! ) 🙁

For entrepreneurs, I’ll adopt a line, “Ako tuwa pasko dahil aken negosyo kita lake…ako pasalamat kristiano aken tenda taas na naman.” Anomymous. Business is good as expected. And Festivities are always equated to profit and commercialism. From simple gift corner, to the mega service providers, trading is just a way of life. 🙂

The evolution of festivities is indeed evident but no matter what changes media and commercialism introduce to our tradition, may the meaning of the season remain for us to boost the Christian light within us. To follow His path and live the life of peace, faith, love, humility, simplicity,charity, community and forgiveness.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

Ho, ho, ho!

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