Church vs. Contraception: The RH Bill Debate

Blame me for being liberal minded and anti wrinkled perspective. I will be surely going to hell in the afterlife, (by Roman Catholic standards) but I cannot, for the love of everything sacred and political, understand the Church’s opposition to the RH Bill. I cannot comprehend how such useful and relevant future laws be regarded as unacceptable by the Roman Catholic church as if it is Satan’s plot for world annihilation.

Tell me, what is wrong with informed decision making regarding such an important issue such as family planning? Why do the church insist of keeping parents in the dark and stuck in ancient ways? Natural family planning methods are, in my opinion, not only ineffective, but also hard to follow. Mothers are busy enough as it is, and you expect them to keep notes, take their temperature daily and notice slight increments signifying that they are indeed fertile? How about the Calendar method where the woman counts 14 days backwards from their expected date of menstruation? The method is confusing enough as it is when we were nursing students, what more if you have kids to take care of and probably a job to attend to? What if the woman is irregular? As for abstinence, I think one is demented to expect millions of people to abstain from a physiologic need.

The Catholic Church promotes only natural family planning and is opposed to the use of artificial birth control methods such as condoms and birth-control pills, saying these could lead to promiscuity and a rise in abortion cases.


With all due respect to our bishops, I think they have it backwards. There won’t be a rise in abortion cases because contraceptives will prevent pregnancy in the first place. I believe it will actually decrease such moral crimes and as the cliche goes, make this world a better, more responsible place. And yes, if a number of people believe that some birth control methods are indeed abortive in nature, then at least they’ll have a choice.

Having worked in the OB Ward of a government hospital for quite some time, I was exposed to this problem first hand. I must have handled thousands of newborns and mothers during my stay there. And let me tell you, the length of my stay was not that long.

Maybe the Pope is in Vatican with his incense and entourage of bishops and the priests here in the country is secluded in seminaries and churches that they don’t realize how big the overpopulation problem really is. Maybe they should open their eyes a little wider to let in at least a grain of truth that is already staring at their faces. I advise that they start from observing how many babies and little children they see during their Sunday masses. I bet they won’t be able to count them all for it’ll be like counting stars in the midnight sky. Too many and too scattered for the human mind to fully comprehend.

I am not against religion, and most importantly, I am not against morality. But I do frown upon hypocrisy. I don’t feel comfortable on how the church is portraying itself, not just the voice of God, but as God himself, meddling with state affairs, now with threats of civil disobedience and even excommunication on the president if he approves something that they don’t. It doesn’t sit well with me how they shun people who are not at par with the kind of principles that they believe in.

I don’t think that is something Jesus would do.

And don’t even get me started with the countless Catholic sex abuse cases that both the congregation and its flock have turned a blind eye on. That is another story.

I am not an atheist, I am a big fan of god and, most importantly, freedom of choice. Let the people have theirs. We are not forcing anyone to do anything, just educating the public on options and alternatives.

Since when did that become so morbidly immoral?


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    • lu coson

      I too felt that at one time. But I was an uninformed Catholic. Before we criticize the church position we need to study and understand why their position is so. Just like and disease process you read the pathophysiology the medical treatments as well as the nursing interventions. The problem with contraceptives is that they can be abortificient. Not a single drug will advertise that they will prevent 100% the fertization of egg by the sperm. Furthemore there is a myriad of side effects that women are not informed of such breast cancer, stroke, and hypertension. For those with underlying conditions, contraceptives or abortificients are not recommended. World Health Organization estimated that 500,000 Filipino women died from breast cancer in 2008. This made it the second leading cause of death in women. The ages of these women ranged from 35-55. This is a great crime that pharmaceutical companies allow such drugs to be marketed in this manner. If you want to use the sex abuse scandal that has plagued the church than you need to understand that what is the source of this scandal? Contraception will not prevent this kind of behavior from priests but will only encourage it. The real cause is the temptation the world/media places on everyday people. The pill was developed to sexually liberate women and men so that can do what they want. That is exactly what we have gotten. A society abscent from morals especially pertaining to their sexuality. After all priests are not the only who rape. Fathers, uncles, brothers, cousins can be accused as well. The bottom line is the cause of all this is the environment we have allowed our society to become. If we loose the moral voice of the church, who will then standup to these immoral injustices are people are subjected to. Remember, the Catholic church is largest charitable organization in the world providing relief at times of calamities to every corner of the earth. It is also largest orphanage in the world giving hope to those abandoned by their parents. Cory Aquino was prolife. So was Mother Theresa. Pope John Paul II warned us about the culture of death and left us a wonderful book on the Theology of the Body which in transforming many peoples live including mine. I suggest that you read and study and pray for undersanding. Will you believe the Gospel of the world or the Gospel of Life which sets us free.

    • i have fear in God and also a good believer and as well as follower of God….
      i dont think this RH will be Sin Since RH bill aim is to educate and let those people especially in rural areas as well as provinces were they have not heard about family planning….
      Have you not notice that most families in provinces have more than 5children/family and not to mention in places like squatters area have the same equivalent of children as well… lets open our eyes and mind here that this is not about RH bill=abortion… This is about controlling how many children is appropriate for each family….. and let me add why does Religion always gets in the way and thought that they are righteous always and never had mistakes wherein the first place religion is a practice already of corruption since they dont pay taxes from the money they get in each masses from the people…anyways i dont mind that so please let the people have freewill…..

  • John Briones
  • John Briones
  • John Briones

    I was born in the 70’s when our economy was not that bad and experience its decline, and I think everybody know the reason for it. It was corruption in the gov, nobody denied it and I never heard that they equate it of the growing population. Now after many years the previous gov was still corrupt, and now it is like they are saying they discover the root and cure for out poverty. And the culprit was us! the people that they swore to serve and protect and the remedy is depopulation. They just turn it around.

  • John Briones

    Over population is a theory even a myth! What is a fact is what happening to those country who have legalized artificial contraception. Europe already depopulated it self, its working class already dwindling. They have a big problem how to support the growing older population. Russia even offer money to encourage it population to conceive, Japan even shorten the work time so married people will have time for marital act and conceive what about china’s one child policy the ratio of men to women is staggering. Those first world country who for a long time are using artificial contraception, are they using it to maintain their economic stability? No!, majority used it for premarital sex, adultery, even those couple who are financially stable don’t or delay having a babies. After many years of contraceptive mentality it alter their view of the purpose of marriage, they view children as hindrance to their good life and career. And the worst is that legalization of Artificial contraception is the precursor for the next battle that is legalization of abortion. And you may say it will not, bec you people who support RH bill denounce abortion. What about the future generation who are groom by contraceptive mentality. Who view their sperm and eggcell as commodities that you can manipulate or sell, how do they view their union? I think we never learned from history, to interfere to the natural order of things that God stablished have a grave consequences

  • John Briones

    Kissinger Report 2004: How U.S. Policy Uses Population Control To Exploit Third World Economies

  • lol

    so this whole rh bill is to pass contraception and teach sex ed or what not right?…filipinos are very old school, they just expect their child to know what is right and what is wrong, like they use the scare tactic or not at all from you’ll get pregnant and what not. like how old were our parents when they had us? but now the whole baby boom crap come from young teens, especially in america, good gracious, you think the whole sex ed helped but they still get pregnant and what not, and most parents are proud of it, really? your child is how young? that’s not something to be proud of. i’m not being mean but the grandparents become the parent. and the contraception have loop holes, depending how well it’s used it has fail factors too, but yeah it should passed. i mean people should be educated or atleast know how to use a condom, but the idea of teaching sex ed just sparks the idea of experimenting of having sex. especially to whom you are targeting. most teenagers are just “stupid” to be like oh let’s do that it looks like fun but don’t know the precaution. the whole religious catholic role is just, well it shouldn’t be out in the topic, if all things go wrong women should be allowed to chose, not ready okay, you were stupid didn’t know what to do and someone should have taught you. you either have sex when you want to in the safest way possible or you have sex when you don’t know jack shit or don’t use protection because it’s against religion with the use of contraception.