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Ipad apps (Photo credit: voxxi)
Ipad apps (Photo credit: voxxi)
Ipad apps (Photo credit: voxxi)
Ipad apps (Photo credit: voxxi)

Health Naturally Magazine covers a wide range of health issues affecting people today. Topics such as weight loss, acid reflux, natural skin care, hormone issues, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and more, addressed by leading experts in their respective fields of natural medicine.

Health Naturally Magazine has hit the Apple Newsstand this week. Readers from 40 countries have quickly accessed its bold foray into e-publication in the first three days. The magazine’s mission statement says it all: “Our focus is to help people to improve and maintain their health naturally. We believe that many health ailments can be controlled by understanding how nature designed our bodies to work and getting our bodies working in tune with nature.”

The magazine is proud of its ability to deliver this beneficial information without the use of paper (thus saving trees). The Apple iPad is the fastest selling item in the history of man (67 million since its launch) revolutionising the way traditional print media is delivered.

People with iPads wishing to access the App can find it here:

Health Naturally Magazine has been able to attract a range of great contributors in a variety of natural health areas. Some of them are very well known, like Dr. Sandra Cabot, Sherry Brescia, Sarah Key, and Bruce Fife. Some are lesser known but all have powerful messages about natural health.

The premier issue has a number of articles, among them ones pertaining to the inability to lose weight, the benefits of coconut oil, acid reflux, weaning your baby, healthy intestinal bacteria and much more.

This new form of publishing provides an audiovisual experience for the reader, with the ability to access embedded videos or slide shows, thus providing a more personal and insightful experience. An expert in his or her field can present a video in the form of a tutorial, thereby conveying information on a much deeper level. An example might be a video tutorial on exercises to improve and tone one’s lower back, thus avoiding costly treatments and possible pain medication, or worse still, surgery. Words alone couldn’t possibly explain this as well.

There is a video on Thyroid function coming up in the next issue.

Health Naturally Magazine plans to cover every conceivable health issue that can be addressed from a natural perspective. With the cost of prescription medicine and the number of side-effects associated with its use, more and more people are seeking solutions using alternative medicine.

Some topics to be covered in future editions include natural weight loss, mental health, cardiovascular health and reproductive health, to name just a few.

Health Naturally Magazine facebook page can be found here –

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