Curing The Filipino’s Low Self-Esteem This 2011

As a freelance writer, I work very closely with individuals from all over the world. And after more than three years, I’ve noticed that we Filipinos really DO have low self-esteem, especially compared to people from other developing countries. (Sabi pa ng kaibigan ko, “Ang baba ng aking low self-esteem.” )

Well, here’s my suggestion on fixing this problem this New Year.

Hope You Don’t Mind If I Start With A Joke…

I once heard this joke about Dolphy and Panchito. Dolphy and Panchito were going to play a game of golf one day, and since Panchito was a much better golfer than Dolphy, Dolphy asked for a special favor.

“Panchito,” Dolphy said, “Bigyan mo naman ako ng konting partida. Payagan mo akong sumigaw ng dalawang beses sa araw na ‘to.”

“Sumigaw?” Panchito asked, confused.

“Oo. Dalawang beses lang.”

“Dalawang beses lang, ha?”

“Oo. Promise.”

So they started the game. Panchito went first, and he positioned to take his first tee shot of the game. As he was about to swing his golf club, Dolphy’s voice rang throughout the golf course: “PANGET!”

Naturally, Panchito lost his focus, and ended up hitting the ball deep into the woods. Wide-eyed, he glanced at a grinning Dolphy. “Yun pala ang balak mo!” he complained.

“Okay lang, Panchito,” Dolphy answered. “Isang beses na lang.”

“Ah. Oo nga pala. Sige.”

A few hours later, the game was over — and Dolphy won. You know why?

Panchito never regained his composure after the first shot. Every time he lined up for his next shot, he would look at Dolphy and ask, “Sisigaw ka ba?”

And every single time, Dolphy would smile, shrug, and answer: “Ewan ko.”

Dolphy never shouted again for the rest of the match, but Panchito heard it in his head over and over and over, every time he lined up for the shot: “PANGET!”

Do You Hear “PANGET” In Your Mind, Too?

Self-talk is a great exercise, but only if you use it correctly. Too many of us Filipinos seem to use self-talk in the wrong way. For instance, we wake up, we look at ourselves in the mirror, and we think, “Hay, bwisit ka.”

We criticize ourselves a little too much! We criticize our hair, our noses, our skin tone, our intelligence, our salaries, everything.

And you know what? We get TRAPPED in this negative self-talk, often for the rest of our lives. And we end up never achieving anything big for ourselves or our families.

So here’s my suggestion. This 2011, everyday, when you wake up, walk to the mirror and GREET YOURSELF. And the more audacious, the more funny, the more outrageous your greeting is, the better — just make it POSITIVE.

Here are some examples:

“Good morning, heartthrob!”

“Good morning, sexy!”

“Good morning, hard worker!”

“Good morning, future millionaire!”

“Good morning, God’s champion!”

Choose a big goal for 2011, and then greet yourself with it every single morning. See how much better you’ll feel throughout the day, and see how much easier achieving your year’s goals become!

Happy New Year,


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