Day Shift RN

The alarm I set for 5am is already buzzing and I took my arm out from my cozy to blanket to put it on snooze. 10 minutes later it starts buzzing again and my still sleepy brain struggles to understand what the noise is all about. Is it the hospital calling to inform me I’m on stand-by or is it one of those days when I have to get my lazy butt out from my soft nightly refuge? It takes a minute or two before it finally registers that I have to get up quick or be late. My ever loving spouse had already set up my lunch on the counter and my coffee is half cold, just the way I like it, so i can just guzzle it all up in one gulp. I’ll worry about the acid reflux later. I do a quick check on my still-in-dreamland kids, a quick peck on the cheek for my hubby and at 6:25am, it’s time to hit the door for 15-20 minute drive to work. Lucky me, my friend always gives me a ride when we work on the same days. We both hope all the traffic lights are “working” and everybody is driving within the speed limits, not too fast but not too slow, either. We both stare at the traffic lights if we think it’s taking too long, as if our mighty stares will change the lights to green.
Fast forward to the workplace. 3 minutes after 7am is already late and would mean a 15 minute deduction off the first hour. Not worth it, so i always try to clock in on time. Today is not one of those days, some old lady was driving 35mph on a 50mph road and I guess everybody else was late. My friend was getting irate during the drive but I told her, “..better a slow lady than a fast lady..”We both ponder if that is really the case.


The assignment board looks interesting. “Nurse A has to take rooms 110 to 115 except 114, you have to switch it with room 116 because Nurse B’s assigment from 117 to 121 has already 3 isolation precs, 3 total cares, and 3 wound cares.” Ouch! I am Nurse B. I made a mental note to ask the charge nurse to flex me home if our census gets down. (Joke! I badly need my PTO hours and I conditioned myself to get thru this 12 hour shift.)


Report begins with, ” I hope you had a good rest last night and a breakfast that will last you throughout the day.” from the out-going RN. Nope, I didn’t get to sleep at all and I only had coffee this morning, which reminds me to take that OTC anti-acid pill on my morning break, if I ever get one. Report ends with, “BTW, just to remind you, some corporate people are doing rounds today so make sure everything in the charts are updated. I haven’t got the chance to do it.” Well, I hope I GET the chance to hold the charts.


And so the day progresses with a whirlwind of activities, like honest to goodness encouraging and assisting patients to reposition every 2 hours,meds, getting puked on, cleaning up and getting puked on again. Add to that, checking procedures and lab results, being put on hold by the physician’s exchange when trying to call in a critical result, dressing changes and a whole bunch of documentation. By the time I have the minute to look at the clock, it’s 30 minutes to shift change, shoot! I still have a bunch of things to finish and the lady in one of the rooms is on the call light wanting her 3rd bath for the day.
Shift ends, and I thank the heavens, for having a relatively “good” day. Hey, nobody coded and all the doctors seem to be in their nicest moods. Can’t complain but my back is screaming bloody hell on the drive back home.


I reach home and I smell the wonderful aroma of chicken adobo from my hubby’s kitchen. The kids simultaneously called for attention as I stand by the doorway. One wants to have her homework checked and the other proud of being a student of the week. The little one is racing to hug me, but mama says he will get his hug after mama gets to shower.


A good 2 hours is spent on showering, dinner, homeworks and TFC ( hmm, I wonder what Jade/ Kim Chiu meant when she texted HMP to Andy/Xian on My Binondo Girl, heehee!), with some lively family discussions in between. Lights off at 10pm, with alarms set for the next day, I begin to recount how my day was. I always remind myself, that regardless of how my day had been, I should still be thankful that my family is safe, I have a job and I got to help my patients in some way. Yep, all in a day’s work.

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