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Based on the different articles, researches, and tests in today’s medical technology, there is no guarantee to gauge a woman’s pregnancy probability. The best way to find out is to find a fertility specialist. Experts say that there is no right time to start a family, which is true.

No couple in their right mind would just think “Hey, since we are married, let’s have a baby like most married couples do. It’s like a tradition. Me, you, and junior. It will be fun!” Unfortunately, this happens but we cannot furthermore stress the relationship. Like they say, everything happens for a reason.

Women differ. It depends upon the woman when she wants to conceive. Our world today as we all know is different. There are a lot of conflicts going on inside and outside of us; so, the whole point of conceiving is more likely to be forgotten or ignored, which leads to late pregnancy.
One of the many reasons why women do not want to conceive is everyday they always have to choose. Men are no different as well. Think of a married woman at the age of 26 who is very successful in her career. She is financially stable. Her Husband is too. The problem is she has to choose.It has always been Family versus Career. And one day, they will realize that they should have done something. Every day, both get to think and choose “What are we going to do next?”

That is my point of “They always have to choose”. As time goes by, more questions arise. “Is your job more important than our family?” “Have you taught about our family as a whole?”
It is only normal for those things to happen because they simply want to find the right answers for their future.

This, however, is unhealthy if later or never resolved. This is because there are different pros and cons of being pregnant at different ages. The younger you are, the more fertile you are. Your chance of getting pregnant as your age progresses lowers. Not only will your emotional self suffer but also your child. Getting pregnant late is possible but the chances are lowered.
As a woman ages her entire body does as well including her eggs. However, this is not the only problem. We are concerned with the disorder that comes with the child, not only that but the risk of miscarriages as well. Down syndrome, also known as Trisomy21, is a very critical condition, and is one of the most common disorders associated with late pregnancy. It greatly impairs one’s cognitive ability which leads to mental retardation. Statistics have shown that babies born with Down Syndrome are being aborted 92% of the time in Europe and in United Kingdom. In the United States, it lowered from 95% to 87%. In the Philippines, 72% of women have attempted to have an abortion.

With a very high abortion rate, we should focus solely on our decision making, rather than enveloping ourselves to pressure. Having access to everyday problems and decisions can really be overwhelming. What the couple must do is simplify the problem for it to be more manageable.

The first step to this problem is to explore each others hindrance in a deeper manner. When exploring sides, look specifically for the factors involved, and assess. There is no need to agglomerate.

Do simplify your problems by reducing it to a small number. Once done, ignore the rest of your hindrance for the time being. Take it one problem at a time, focus most on what you think is the key problem.Now that you have isolated your problems, it’s time to focus on them individually. By doing this, both of you will be more prepared, and your problems will force diversify itself to a degree of nonsense.

On the other hand, both of you have retained the knowledge and the emotions necessary to deal with your problems because it was gained and felt incrementally, making you both stronger and wiser. However, if couples decide to conceive late there are always health professionals to support them.

The best thing to do is visit your doctor before becoming pregnant. Health professionals would advise couples on what to do on the current situation, as well as the long run. This includes minimizing risks, planning a healthy lifestyle, detecting early signs of diseases, and simply being prepared as much as possible. As long as couples stick with their doctor, they will have a smoother process. Thus, have a most likely healthy baby.

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