DEF Idioms

Happy Friday nurses!

If you love idioms and want a way to learn more quickly, here are some ideas. On my last post I chose body parts with ABC. Here are 3 body parts with EF that are used in the following 6 idioms. It’s a good way to learn new language quickly.

A blue-eyed boy is the favouite in any group or the pet of a group
To have an eye-opener is to have an enlightening experience
To have half and eye on something: to not give something your full attention

To face the music is to face criticism/punishment as a result of one’s own actions
To have a face as long as a fiddle is to look depressed
To stare one in the face is something that is obvious and clear to see

Try putting any of the above in a sentence that is meaningful to you to help you remember any one you like the look of. Always put a new word in a personal mental sentence to help you remember it. And, remember that if you don’t use it, you lose it so start weaving some idioms into your language today.

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