Define Company Nurse!

Try to Google “Company Nurse”, you will find nothing, believe me I tried it myself. I got a bit irritated from knowing that because I am a Company Nurse. Why isn’t there any specific definition for it? It’s a job right? I’ve been doing this for years, both in our homeland and here in Middle East. And why are there people who belittle us? Is it because we work outside the hospital system?

What saddens me is that many ridicule us because of not working in hospitals. What’s worse is kapwa RNs pa natin minsan ang nag sasabi ng “Ay company nurse…”, “Company nurse lang…”, “Baka hindi RN?” etc. First thing, you and I took the same course and graduated with the same degree, so it means that I studied what you studied. I took the same exam that you did (ehem marami sa amin ang one time taker din ng NLE). We also attended all of the basic trainings needed for an entry level hospital staff nurse. Name it, mapa BLS, SFA, IVT, etc. This means we are as good as those who were hired in hospitals.

If you are a nurse working in hospitality or service oriented company, just like me, surely rule number 1 is SMILE! Walang mintis! Kahit bad trip ka, may sakit, inis kay boss, na-boljak ni doc, toxic at lahat na ng kamalasan na maisip eh dapat naka ngiti ka pa din sa guest/ patient mo. Samantalang pag nasa nurse’s station ka pwede sumimangot ng konte wag lang papahuli sa mga supervisor, hehe. Like the nurses in the hospital we also do not get day-off’s during holidays, swerte pa nga sila kasi pwede mag request na makapag off basta maaga lang mag file. Sa company, syempre mas madaming tao sa establishment pag wala pasok kaya bawal mag off on those days, even on weekends. Many people think that we only give out oral medicines / OTC meds, itatanong lang ang sakit then dispense kagad ng gamot. Hey we are trained and educated also, we do assess our patients before giving medications and we can give out IMs, SQs, IVs and IVFs. Nag coconfine din po kami kaso temporay, either in the clinic or pag sa hotel ka nag wowork edi sa room ng guest (SOSYAL!!!). Kung sa hospital merong makukulit na relatives ng patients eh may counterpart din sila sa company, yun ang mga ubod ng bait na mga empleyado. Kung ilang beses ka nag explain sa mga kamag anak ganun din sa mga empleyado (Lord give me patience please). Gustong-gusto ng mga relatives na makiki-usap sayo na i-bend mo yung rules and policies ng hospital para sa pasyente, sa mga empleyado naman maloloka ka sa dami ng request sayo kasi friends daw kayo! KUNO! Kasi may kailangan sila. Sad to say we also experience death in our work place. Kung pano kayo na lungkot and wished you could have done more for the patient, we also feel the same way, unfortunately sa amin limited ang equipments, medicines at walang doctor na mag gigive out ng orders kaya RN.MD. muna pansamantala.

I have to admit, work is really lighter and easier in the company setting. Pag tapos ng 9 hours ng trabaho eh uwian na talaga, wala na extend-extend (minsan lang pag kailangan talaga). Yung iba naka on-call din po kaso may service na hatid-sundo (minsan BMW, Peugeot, Camry, at kung ano-ano pa, hehe). We also do rounds but only to those who request our presence or “room calls”, as they say. During those visits we give out our undivided care and knowledge to our patients, 100% attention ba. For our service, a simple “Thank you” and a big smile is enough for me. Honestly, most of the time they commend us too much with the help and treatment that we provide for them. Ay, meron din po pala yung mga may mabubuting kalooban na nag bibigay ng tip, it’s an added bonus for us, hehehe.

Don’t get me wrong with all of my blabbering; I have nothing against those who’s working in hospitals because I myself worked in that setting. I know how hard it is, how much nurse’s sacrifice for their patients and how fulfilling it is when they get better. It’s just that, I believe we deserve the same respect as they do. We give out the same tender loving care that they do in the hospitals. To our detractors, for heaven’s sake we are licensed registered nurses just working in a different field, so please stop tagging us with the word “only”.

Dedicated to my colleagues in the Company, Hotel, School, University and Clinic industry.

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  • sted instead


    • jayden

      I’m a company nurse too. but i more dream of working in hospital. know why? because nurses in the hospital are more skilled. it’s true right? mas nagagamit mo yung napag aralan mo at na aapply mo at the same time mas dumadagdag pa. mas malaki nga ang sahod pag company nurse pero yung napag aralan mo nabubulok naman sa paglipas ng panahon. kaya don’t settle in that field. aim more. because we deserve more than that.

  • Jo

    Hey, calm down. I think it’s within the scope of Occupational Health Nursing. It’s in NCM-105, just in case you haven’t heard. Google its definition. Plus, you can also check the Occupational Health Nurses of the Philippines.

    I’ve been one before. But i now work in a hospital setting. 😉

  • nina


  • Diana

    you are a nurse alright, but you don’t work in the hospital. what we are doing in the hospital is a far cry from your usual toxic day in the company (either the RP or the Middle East). just by being defensive about your chosen field convinced me that you are aware of the difference.

    may patient po kami dito sa hospital who was admitted due to RTA, who is a Company Nurse. believe me (and im not generalizing), he is such a pain to take care of. akala lahat alam nya kasi na-study-han nga naman nya sa college diba. what i can tell you is that, when you’re a nurse working in a hospital, di ka lang talaga by-the-book magtrabaho. you learn from the book, but you work by experience, which unfortunately you guys from the Company don’t have.

    anyway, mas mataas naman sahod nyo kesa sa amin sa hospital, so at least that should make you feel better.

  • alvinism

    i also do work as company nurse here in qatar. but as far as i know, company nurse may be termed as occupational health nurse.. don’t be bothered if someone says “company nurse lang?” because in the first place we work in a different settings. as long as you do your task and responsibilities to your clients and company itself, then theres no more reason to defend it to hospital nurses. just go on and enjoy being the ‘nightingale’ of your company.

    • Lei

      true! mabrook to us and shukran 🙂

  • Lei

    guys, i wrote this to inspire my colleagues in occupational nursing and to boost their moral. to let them know that its ok even if we’re not in the hospital. to answer if i’m insecure, 100% not, why should i be? marangal na trabaho naman ang meron kami and salamat kay Lord may trabaho.

    • Jo

      Okay. But isn’t the title of your blog is “Define Company Nurse”? And you’ve mentioned something about getting irritated and all…well for one, at least for judgmental people, you sounded a bit ‘insecured’…

      And second of, i think people have already enlightened you with the answer: Company Nurse is an Occupational Health Nurse. Google the definition of Occupational Health Nursing and you’ll be able to see that it states the exact same description of your work.

      Be proud. Nurses are one of the most highly flexible workers. We can work in any field. Name it: school, factories, companies, hospital, community, etcetera etcetera. *wink*

  • it’s getting hot in here…lol

  • daryl

    company nurse? depende kung anong klase siyang company. i worked as company nurse BEFORE, mixed ang duties and responsibilities ko, walang doctor,(kung meron man once a month mo siya makikita) so ikaw na rin mag dedecide what is good sa health situation ng patient mo.based sa experienced ko ako yung first aider,promoter ng safety or hazard awareness,organizer sa mga health activities like dental,vaccinations,orientation sa mga current health issues,sometimes meron ding paper works, aayusin ang mga health benefits ng sick employee,stastic reports,medical expenses…etc…. last but not the least,negotiator.that i could hardly forget it.nagdala ako ng patient sa isang hospital for he needs an immediate care,na stabilized but medyo malaki ang babayaran.sagot ng company of course..pero di ako pinayagan umalis ng hospital, to cut the story short iniwan ko licensed ko and promising to get back with the payment. A nurse is a nurse,to give care to patients,anytime….anywhere.NOW nasa Italy ako,Diagnostic clinic, I guess the experienced counts.Lastly i am proud to be a nurse. nasa clinic man o company, what matters is kontento ang mga pasyente na dumadaan sa iyo! God Bless!

  • sted instead

    pareho lang naman ang duty and responsibility ng isang nurse.. nagkakaiba lang sa field, at sa kinikita…pero ayos yang blog… kewl

  • Olatunji mariaim

    Nurses understand ur more dan u patient, they are cancellor i’m proud to b a nurse

  • lyka siolim

    we are all nurses..mas praktisado talaga pag hospital ang skills..oo mas mahirap sa hospital kesa sa company..but dont belittle those working at a company..they might have reasons why they shift their long as you work for it naman and masaya ka on what your doing i think that’s what matters..depende na lang sa pagiisip ng cant blame others..nurses are oversaturated in our country with few hospitals na may opening, are you gonna wait to starve to death..we need hindi porket corporate nurse kana doesn’t mean wala na room for growth.

  • andie

    nurses in either hospital or company set up deserves great respect..what is important, is that we give our utmost service to our patient/client in accordance with our skills, knowledge and our caring attitude..we should be proud in either fields.. ..we’re very privileged..the most important thing is we do our job accurately and we help in our own little way..this is a very noble profession that we should be proud of..nurses should unite..huwag nang ganyanan..

  • dijon

    lets just be proud that there are nurses everywhere….like doctors and teachers working in an odd setting but still practicing their profession to the fullest…..ganyan lang yan by specialty kasi yan kayo talaga…hindi lahat nurse lahat alam ang gawa mo, dahil nga by specialty…walang alam ang renal nurse sa ER setting at ang ER nurse sa dialysis center…tapos. hindi porke work kayo sa hospital alam nyo na lahat…. skillful kaayo…nasa tao lang yan pag masigasig ka sa trabaho mo then you will master your specialty…

    • dijon

      pero before entering to this occupational health nursing field kailangan you have to know or add more of your skills…BLS IVT ACLS ECG training at AED training.para alam mo din ang mga ganyan.. parang mag-download ka lang ng app sa phone…heheh