Different Registered Nurse Jobs Available

Filipina nurse (Photo credit: wordpress)
Filipina nurse (Photo credit: wordpress)
Filipina nurse (Photo credit: wordpress)

There are a lot of job opportunities for nurses. In fact, they make up the largest population among health care professional groups. In hospitals, sixty percent of jobs are registered nurse jobs. Below is a list of common hospital jobs for this profession.

Education Requirements

Before you can apply for a RN job, you must first get the proper education and training. You can choose between the three training programs offered by different universities and colleges. You can opt for a four-year Bachelor in Science in Nursing degree, an accelerated BSN degree or a two-year associate degree. As soon as you finish your education, you can take the National Council Licensure Examination or NCLEX. Once you pass, you can apply for entry level registered nurse jobs.

General Duty Nurse

The main duty of a nurse, no matter setting he or she might be in, is to promote overall health and prevent disease and infirmities. This involves educating people about ways to keep healthy, disseminating information about the many diseases that may be inflicting the community. They also provide early treatment and continuing care to those who are ill, and assisting in rehabilitation. Also part of their job is to provide emotional support to patients and their families.

Most nursing jobs involve the general care of patients. Ones who do this are called general duty nurses. Their goal is to provide holistic care to their patients. They keep track of the symptoms and monitor the progress of the patients. Administering medications prescribed by the physician is part of the jobs also. Supervising licensed practical nurses, aides and orderlies is also their responsibility.

Advanced Practice Nurses

Among the registered nurse jobs, advanced practice nurses get the most independence. They undergo specialized training beyond the usual education that they are considered to be primary health care practitioners. As mentioned above, they can work independently or collaborate with doctors with regard to care of patients.

Clinical Nurse Specialists

Once a registered nurse has undergone a certain amount of training, education and certification, he or she can now opt to specialize. Specialization of RN jobs can be categorized into four. The first is specialization by treatment type or work setting. An example of this are the critical care nurses that work in the intensive care unit. The second type of specialization is according to the disease of the patients being treated. An HIV/AIDS nurse who takes care of clients with HIV infection and AIDS is an example. Third type is according to body organ or system. An example is a nephrology nurse who deals with patients with kidney problems or a respiratory nurse who handles patients with problems of the lungs and the respiratory tract. The last category of specialization is according to population like those who provide care specifically for children or for the elderly.

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