Dirty Secrets Behind Make Up

The magic of makeup (Photo credit: junglemagazine)
The magic of makeup (Photo credit: junglemagazine)
The magic of makeup (Photo credit: junglemagazine)
The magic of makeup (Photo credit: junglemagazine)

I know a lot of girls who are very fussy  in touching surfaces in public area, who always carry hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes, they are finicky in touching escalator hand rails or they sanitize their hands immediately after handing over the change from manong driver. However, they go gaga over makeup testers and samples  in the department stores (I read they only change it once a year). You are sharing the same foundation, lipstick, and eye liner with hundreds or thousands of strangers, the makeup tester is like a petri dish! They are not aware that they are putting bacteria in their own face!

Studies reveal that makeup testers, even your own personal kit could be a breeding ground for contagious bacteria, like staphylococcus, pseudomonas or even E. coli which is normally found in fecal matter, yes you read it right from poop! It’s not that life threatening though, however this product might cause you a a visit to a doctor. For example you have a cut and you apply contaminated make up over, it can cause serious skin infection. Testing the lipstick and eyeliner in your local department store or by simply sharing it with your friends might give you herpes simplex virus 1 which is highly contagious, the symptoms include blisters or sores usually found in the mouth or in face, you can also acquire pink eye or conjunctivitis.

I know someone who can’t leave the house without makeup (heavy makeup). Then I found out behind those layers of foundation, she has a scaly, flaking skin infection. I asked her if she uses hypo allergenic products because there are people who have a sensitive skin, but the problem with her is she doesn’t clean her makeup kit and most of it are a year old. She also has an eye infection. Your skin has oil and dead skin cells, when you are re applying foundation or lipstick you are cross contaminating it. It can cause dermatitis, breakouts or even boil or abscess in your face! It could wreck your skin.

Tips on how to keep your makeup clean:

  1. Use disposable applicators or sponges or wash them at LEAST once a week (if you really have oily skin wash the sponge everyday!)
  2. Clean your brushes every after use with baby wipes and and at least once a week soak them in warm water with a mild shampoo, gently rub the bristles, rinse thoroughly, towel and air dry.
  3. Wipe your lipstick
  4. Regularly clean your cosmetic bag
  5. Throw old makeups or if it  exceeded its prime
  6. Tell your friends you love them but not their germs. Don’t share your makeup! Haha. If you can’t avoid it, just clean it after.

In testing makeup samples, apply the foundation in your neck instead of the face, when choosing lipstick color use the top of your hand instead of your lips, when it comes to eye shadow use disposable applicator.

Of course at the end of the day REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP AND WASH YOUR FACE.

 A healthy clear skin is still prettier than layers of Dior or MAC cosmetics. Stay healthy and pretty!

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  • true!
    and if you think you are beautiful without make up then better, natural beauty is the best.
    but if you really need it to be more confident, apply neatly and wash/ cleanse your face after.

  • My wife never did liked using make up. She thinks there’s more harm than good in it. There’s only a few times that she was obliged to do it. But I must admit that she still looks quite beautiful even after our 12 years of marriage.

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