Do you have fear of feet? You might have Podophobia!

We all have our own fears, anxieties, and phobias– when one cannot explain exactly how you feel whenever the thing is around, all you can say is that what you feel is unpleasant. The feeling gradually develops and you feel uncomfortable. Some of these fears are common, while others might sound strange or even weird. Some fear creepy crawlies like spiders and earthworms, some freak out with the sound of sirens, some are afraid of the dark etc.

Have you ever wondered if there’s what kind of phobia exists when you are intensely afraid of feet? You might think it’s quite weird to be afraid of feet, but yes, it does exist for some people. The fear of feet is also known as Podophobia. The word itself is derived from two Greek words, ‘podos’, meaning feet, and ‘phobos’ meaning fear.  According to UrbanDictionary, Podophobia is defined as: ”an irrational fear of feet; this fear can be of the person’s own feet or someone else’s; and it can have different side effects such as fear of stepping in shoe shops or even shops that sell socks.” 

You might wonder the cause of this fear of feet, but like most phobias, the exact cause of podophobia is not yet fully understood. 

Here are some of the usual signs and symptoms that people who have podophobia experience:

  • People with podophobia generally do not like the appearance of feet or the feel of feet
  • They  may experience an acceleration of heartbeat and shortness of breath at the sight or thought of feet
  • Getting extremely anxious and afraid
  • They refuse to discuss anything about feet or topics related to it
  • They fear of others who might touch their feet
  • They experience panic attacks
  • They will do anything that they can do to avoid looking at, or touching feet.
  • For some people with podophobia, sometimes, they feel unable to look at pictures of feet, even on television

According to Buzzle, here are some remedies, self-help ways and techniques that can help:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Counselling
  • Cognitive-behavioral Therapy
  • Professional Advice
  • Self-help Books
  • Drugs and Medications

Do you know anyone who has this condition? If yes, here are some ways that you can to make a Podophobic comfortable:

  • When sitting or staying beside them, make sure to cover your feet or move your legs away a little farther from them.
  • Do not remove socks around him/her.
  • When you’re going to clip your nails, do so in other places.
  • Avoid discussing topics about feet or any other related ones in front of him/her.
  • If possible, don’t touch them with your feet, whether accidentally or playfully.
  • Be considerate of him/her. Remember, we all have our own set of fears and phobias that’s why we should respect each other.

We hope that the information that we shared to you can be of help, in any way. Phobias, as long as they do not seriously affect your normal daily life, are fairly normal.  But if your phobia results to preventing you from enjoying your life and affect your everyday activities, then you should consider seeking medical advice. Afterall, if you have this condition, the first step to overcoming your fear/phobia is through understanding it.

Have a great day everyone!


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