Don’t Give Up…

Don’t give up… That is what I told myself when I found myself struggling to land a job as a staff nurse (the paid one)and later this year, God gave me the best gift from Him… An Employer (overseas). I’m going to share my experiences before I received that precious gift. And hopefully I can inspire many from it.

I graduated BS Nursing in 2007 and passed the Nurse Licensure Exam on the same year. As a newly graduate nurse and registered nurse at the same time, I made an effort to make an impressive resume but I didn’t have anything to put on it since I was an entry-level applicant. I didn’t have any training like IV therapy, ACLS and whatsoever that hospitals required. The only training that I had was First Aid and BLS.  After my NLE, the first thing I did was join the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) as a volunteer so that I can add it to my resume and while searching for hospitals who will accept me. Days and months went by and still not one call,  even for just an initial interview or exam.  But I didn’t give up,  still I kept myself busy on organizing myself.   I also did some research on where I can get additional training, then I found a hospital near our house that provided IV therapy training.  I joined and luckily passed their training.  So, after I acquired my IVT license, I updated my resume and submitted again to the hospitals where I applied before.

A lot more days and months had passed once again, and still no one called.  Until one day, a friend of mine told me that a government hospital was hiring volunteer nurses. That was already 2009,  2 years after I passed my board.  Because of my frustration and unsuccessful attempts in  getting clinical experience,  I ask my dad if he has contacts on the that hospital.  Luckily he did.  His contact helped me to get in as a volunteer staff nurse trainee.   June that same year, my training started, and I enjoyed it…. until I learned that the majority of my batch mates were slowly getting jobs in the hospital as staff nurses, when in fact our 3-month training was not even finished yet.  I became a little depressed, because I already frustrated to get a job so I would be able to help my family. I was told by my dad that his contact was trying to help me to get absorbed but unfortunately since that time it was the election season, his contact told me just to wait a little more since the person in charge of personnel has stopped hiring, instead he told me to submit my resume to the HR and continue my volunteer work. Here come’s year 2010 and still no news from my dad’s contact, I was already frustrated and I started looking to other options. My mom told me to take up SOLAS and work instead on a ship, whether it’s a nurse’s job or other related work. Without a doubt, early that year, I took up the training and got my SIRB (seaman’s book). I left the hospital since I was already getting bankrupt and instead used the money left to apply to different agencies. There are some who called me and got interested but when they asked me on my experience they always say what they need is a staff nurse work experience not a volunteer… There are many times I really got frustrated and depressed because deep inside myself I can perform the work they are requiring me to do, it’s just that the word “VOLUNTEER” or “TRAINEE” that prevents me from landing the job.

Despite of getting frustrated I keep myself busy again on my organization which is the PRC while searching again for jobs abroad that will accept  my experience. I also had the chance to take up ACLS and hopefully I can finally find the job that is really for me. I even tried KSA when in fact my parents don’t like it as a country to work in. Again, days and months had passed, I welcomed year 2011 without a job. I was really positive on this year, I always prayed to God that He will give me the job that is really for me. I still keep on updating my resume and even applied online to some manning agencies until later this year. An agency called me that their employer selected me and asked me to report on their office. Upon hearing the news, without a doubt I reported to the agency, but another problem came. The agency is asking me if I can acquire a certificate of employment that says I did work as a staff nurse, they told me that it will be use only to get a permit i think it’s a working permit or residential permit, by the way the job offer is in KSA. Since I really want the job, I gave all my efforts to get a certificate of employment that says I did work as a staff nurse but the hospital where I had my training only issues certificate that says “Volunteer” or “Trainee” only. I was getting frustrated again, I even wanted to go to Recto to get a certificate but I don’t like to bring a fake document esp. in KSA, so again, I faced the internet, I searched for other jobs until I saw an ad that says “volunteer experience” are accepted. The job offer was also in Middle East. On that same day, I called the agency to confirm if the ad was true and confirmed it’s true. I even searched the principal and to my surprise it was a nice hospital!!! The woman whom I spoke to on the other line told me to report early the next day because it will only be a one day interview with the employer.

The next day arrived, I was so excited, I got up early and dressed impressively. I even make sure that all my requirements are complete. I arrived on time, but to my surprise when I got out of the pedicab, I saw nurses wearing white uniform!!! OMG!!! That was what I said when I saw them, but I didn’t bother to ask some of them. I went straight inside and logged in on the security’s log book. At exactly 9am, one of the agency’s staff arrived and manong guard told me that I can go up to the office. Upon reaching the office, I told the lady on the receiving area that I’m submitting my application and asking her if I could join the interview, she looked at me and ask if I have a white uniform, I told her that I’m not aware that I have to wear white for the interview. She told me that I can’t join unless I provide a white uniform for myself. I was on a panic mode that time, I called my mom and told her about it. I told her if she can bring me my white uniform and thank goodness my dad is available to drive our car. I was able to change in white uniform and was able to attend the interview. While waiting for  my turn to be interviewed by the employer via skype I was getting nervous and I was keep on praying that God would help me on that interview. It’s already my turn, I showed up to the webcam with a smile and greeted him hello on arabic language. Thanks to my dad who knows the language. The employer started the interview by making me introduce myself and in what area I was exposed during my clinical exposure. So I told him everything. At first he was asking me about medical conditions since I was exposed to Medical Ward when I was in the hospital, I was lucky to answer correctly all his questions, then he suddenly changed the topic. He asked me about emergency cart drugs. I was lucky to have my ACLS the year before and thank God I can still remember those E-drugs. I was able to answer again all his questions and he ended the interview. I went home still thinking if I passed or not.

The day after my interview came, the representative of the agency called me, he told me that I passed the interview and I need to report for the orientation and contract signing!!! I was really star strucked and still can’t believe on the news that I received that day. I already signed the contract and already done to my medical at this point. But still I’m praying that no problem would occur while waiting for our date of  departure…

I shared this because I know a lot of nurses today are experiencing what I experienced before. Patience and strong faith with God is what I used to reach the point where I am now, and still going to use when I go abroad to keep the job that I prayed for so long…

Nurses, God is just a prayer away, He always listens to our burdens… DON’T GIVE UP!!!

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  • Saudi-Phil RN

    swertehan lang din sa pag-aaply, ako nga nung Nov.2008 lang ako nagtake pero nung 2009 nakahanap ako agad ng work, at sa abroad pa.

    Ngayon, pangalawang abroad ko na to, at take note, nung tinawagan ako ng agency, HIRED ako agad, wala nang interview. At ang gandang kumpanya pa ang napasukan ko. Bukod sa Libre at masasarap pa ang mga pagkain, P45,000 pa ang sahod ko, wala pang overtime yun, eh pano kung meron pa, eh di 50k+ na yun.

    At sobrang gaan pa ng trabaho ko, pachat-chat lang ako sa clinic ko pero mantakin mo naman, more than 40 thousand ang kinikita ko..

    Sa palagay ko mas suwerte pa rin ako kasi kahit nung 2008 lang ako nakapasa, nakahanap naman ako agad ng work.

    SWERTEHAN LANG YAN….kahit magaling ka pang NURSE, pero kung wala ka namang pananampalataya, wala rin….

    • joan

      pwede po malaman kung anong agency ka nagapply?tnx

    • yLeC

      Ma’am, san pong agency kayo nag-apply? thank you.

  • Lei

    hi mitch,
    i am from the same batch and almost everything that you’ve said what happened to you, i experienced myself. its really heartbreaking that we endured all of those things in our country; like humiliation, envy, depression, etc. but that gives us this extreme desire to be able to prove ourselves and always perform at our currently working in m.east, be strong, the culture here is different, a lot of things are “haram” (not allowed) and their way of thinking is odd. but whenever i feel like giving-up or quiting i always recall how much i wanted this job and how much i prayed for it and why God put me here in this position. at this moment that you’re about to leave i have one advise for you, psych yourself to be ready, also physically but most of all emotionally. i wish you luck and God bless you!

  • Jaja

    We have no choice but to have hope.When God closes the door,somewhere He opens a window.I am not a nurse but we get the same situation when it comes looking for work and at least for my part time job,I get paid.I am always thankful for what I have since most of the time I have nothing.Good luck for you in KSA

  • medic- north seas

    Thanks for sharing your story mitch, this will inspire lots of our colleagues back home, maybe at this point,.many of them had already lost their hope in landing a Job overseas. But having faith, prayers staying positive and at the same time keeping updated on our skill.. And keep seeking for the opportunity..will eventually lead us finding a job. I can say I’m lucky enough because after a year from my graduation 2009, I found a job overseas as Occupational Health Nurse in the Oil and Gas Industry after that a history. Don’t lost hope guys… prayers, be innovative.. we have lots of choices with our RN title… that pays more than what we receive in hospital setting…you’ll me amazed.

  • may

    good luck sa iyo, hope maging maayos ang lagay mo dito sa KSA. Just be brave and keep the faith.

  • welcome

    thank you for the wonderful inspiration..pinalalakas mo loob ko at lahat pa ng magtatangkang bumasa nito..tama yan wag tayong susuko bagkus magpatuloy tayo sa pangarap natin wag maubusan ng pag-asa dahil yan na lamang ang natitira “dont give up!”maraming nakakarelate dito maraming R.N. ang unemployed at jobless at bukod doon ginagatasan pa ng mga demonyong hospital pinag babayad ng mga trainings at may nalalaman pang volunteerism para makalibre sa manpower o labor exploitation of work which is against the labor code.buti nga ngayun pinagbabawal na ng Dept of health. kaya sana wla ng R. N . na magpaloko sa mga ospital na gumagawa ng ganitong bulok na sistema. ang kakapal ng mukha nila trabaho ang kailngan natin at hindi yung malinaw na panloloko sa atin.

    at kung sakaling magkatrabho ka rito sa pinas ihanda mo na sa sarili mo sa mga bastos na doktor at pasyente ,bantay at relatives na manipulative na gugurayain at tatapakan ang pagakatao

    case to case basis nmn ang situasyon ng nagtatrabho sa KSA
    just be aware of the employer because some of them are abusing your rights especially kung hindi nasusunod ang nakalagay sa kontrata an pinirmahan mo, your job description , your monthly salary,at oras ng trabaho mo..incase you feel your abuse go to the nearest philippine embassy and file for a complaint para di kayu maabuso mag ingat kayu lagi

    good luck to all:)

    • may

      mahirap din humingi ng tulong sa embassy natin dahil pagpapasa pasahan ka lang kung sino ang kakausapin mo.naranasan na namin ito when we were in the province ng KSA,instead na tulungan kami, wala,kaya kami din na staffs ang naghanap ng solusyon sa problema namin,nagwelga kami in the end una kaming napauwi.Good for us kasi overstaying na kami.

  • Andrew

    Who edited your article? So much grammatical errors!! Are all nurses like you — can’t even distinguish past tense (verbs ending in’ed’) and present tense (verbs that doesn’t end in ‘ed’)? Did this even go to the editor? If it did, your editor should be fired. Im sorry. But i just need to tell u the truth.

    • Duhhhh

      Yeah right Mister-know-it-all! Why are you so bothered by the grammatical errors committed by the author when you don’t even adhere to the basics of the English grammar?! Pay attention to your own comment especially the last 2 sentences!
      Get a life!

  • Amanda

    To the Editors,

    Please screen your articles carefully. This is a nice story BUT full of errors. Im sure you all can tweak this a little bit.


  • anong agency mo?

  • ano. po name ng agency nyo? pls answer PO. thanks:-D