Driving Phobia: 5 Tips to Stop Car Driving Panic Attacks

Have you got a driving fear? Do you find yourself avoiding driving on the turnpike, sticking only to routes you know, or maybe making excuses so that you can avoid driving altogether? Does the thought of driving start your heart racing and your palms to go damp? Can you remember what caused your fear of driving? Do you fear having a panic attcack while driving? Driving fears are very common and have a tendency to arise after a unpleasant event. This does not even always need to be at once related to a driving experience itself.

It may even happen following a relationship break up, death or stress at the office. It also influences folk as they age. It begins to show itself with avoidance – you’ll start to create excuses why you can not drive. This could have consequences on your life as you can become less companionable, preferring to stay home. In intense cases, if left unconstrained, other fears can arise together with depression, agoraphobia and panic fits. So what is going on here? Well your grey matter is letting you know to get round this situation as a sort of defense mechanism, a protecting measure. It is identifying danger and telling your body not to show itself to chance and danger. It could be absolutely foolish it can have a powerful influence on you. So what are you able to do about it?

Suggestions to stop panic fits when driving :

1) Feel the dread, and do it anyhow – everybody has moments when we fear doing something. The one difference is your understood scale of fear. You’ll feel you are at scale seven or eight out of ten if had to give it a score.

So try this : imagine you are an infantryman on the point of going into battle.

You only need to face this one enemy ; do it and then it’s over. Yes, you can feel all those familiar symptoms arising, but after you have faced a horror, something awfully unusual occurs : you begin to feel a little high, a type of shivering which can be explained only as exhilaration! But relax, there’s no need to face your fears at once, which brings me on to indicate two …

2) Take tiny steps – there’s no need to charge into the auto and drive 100 miles on the expressway! Simply begin by driving round the block. Take it slowly. And after each tiny step give yourself a gentle pat on the back – you have just achieved something. Remember, a voyage of 1,000 miles, starts with 1 step.

3) Take a buddy – sharing your worries with a trustworthy chum can make a major difference. Take them on journeys with you when feeling stressed.

4) Make it nice – start associate driving with enjoyable experiences by driving to your fave spot for a picnic, to the flicks. Play your favorite music that gives you the best pleasure.  Make your automobile a pleasant place to be.

5) Use your mind – prior to going on a trip, shut your eyes and picture yourself driving thru an attractive country scene. Attempt to feel everything. Glance at the trees thru the auto window. Feel the wheel in your grip and grin as you look around.

Breathe efficiently while doing so and feel all of your cares simply drifting away. The trick’s to catch the instant of fear before it runs away with you. Just accept it and go on. It will begin to disperse quicker and quicker, the more that you confront it. Don’t make an effort to avoid nerve wracking eventualities – embrace them!

Relaxing Techniques While Driving

* As you drive along, you can notice lots of stress in your face, jaw, neck, and shoulders. Identify where you are feeling stress and make a calculated attempt to slacken these muscles. Work your way down from the top of your bonce to your shoulders. You could need to reiterate a number of times till you are feeling it beginning to become effective.

* Try squeezing and relaxing your hands on the wheel and repeat till you start to feel calmer.

* When you are feeling tense, you’ve a bent to respire shallowly, so make a studied effort to respire in slowly and very thru your stomach all of the time. But keep it slow.

The sole sure fire path to stop panic episodes when driving is by facing your fears and by unceasing practice.

But the rewards are exceptionally liberating. Commence with little steps and try and improve every time. Begin today.

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  • Nice tips here! Try to drive around places that you are familiar with. You will build confidence as you drive more!

  • I used to have a driving phobia in addition to panic attacks. The key is to keep after it, drive a little bit more or further every day and you can eventually conquer this fear.